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05/16/2012 07:46 PM

Advanced Lab 10 day results are in

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Hi all,

My Advanced Lab preliminary results showed inconclusive. They will continue to monitor it for 8 more weeks to see if anything grows.

So I am really down because I thought this was a finite test and I would know one way or another.

My LLMD still thinks I have Lyme's because:

hypercoagulating blood, CD-57 is 65, and I have IgG 41 positive and

IgM P23 positive.

My question is doesn't one of these bands pick up on the structure of the spiroette? If so doesn't that mean Lyme's for sure? What else beside Syphylis could make that band positive.

She wants to go ahead and start treatment with natural products and these are probably very expensive and I just spent the $600 on the Advanced Lab test.

I had breast implants and became sick and had them removed 18 years ago but my immune system never fully recovered. Then about 1 1/2 years ago I became much sicker with much more pain and fatigue to the point where I could no longer exercise or function very well.

Do ya'll think that any positive bands means positive for Lyme's. Could something else be causeing the positives like virus'. I had a very high viral load but have been able to lower that with treatment.

Thank you for any information.



05/17/2012 01:31 AM
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valerie, i'd be disappointed too; this is so new; i don't know anything about it more than what i post on boards!

yes, those are considered POSITIVE lyme bands; you will NOT BE COUNTED in your state's lyme statistics though.

your former breast implants may be part of the problem as well; depending how long you've been sick, etc.

there are 3 chete diseases: SARCOIDOSIS, LYME, and dreaded PSYPHILUS,sp,

sarc/lyme are brother/sister; cousin.

please print off dr. burrascnao's 37 pages lyme treatment guidelines; see what dr. b has to say about treatment.

see my FINANCIAL BURDENS link also in my welcome letter where dr. b's guidelines are in my SIGNATURE link below!

bettyg, iowa activist forever

05/17/2012 05:48 AM
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Also google western blot interpretation, I believe there is a link on Dr. Jones' website. You will see what bands are lyme specific.

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