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05/05/2012 09:37 PM

Lyme Disease awareness Pictures I made


I made some Lyme Disease awareness pictures today, and I want to get your opinions on them. They're in my pictures on my profile.

05/05/2012 09:53 PM
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hannah, WOW are they powerful! you very creative woman!! very effectie!

would you consider changing the font/color on the whole body one from TNR to arial OR verdana and DARK vs. red for reablity?

low vision folks like me can't read TNR.

on the TOOTH one, would you consider changing that font so it's completely legible, it's shadowy, etc. making it harder to read.

also, would you copy your info here and post on these 2 LINKS OF LYME AWARENESS? forums/lyme-disease-activism/3644615-may-12-internatonal- awareness-day forums/studies-research/493979-may-is-lyme-disease- awareness-month

hannah, way to go; thanks for sharing all of your talents!!

hugs, prayers, bettyg, iowa ACTIVIST

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