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05/04/2012 07:18 AM

Digestive Issues

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I am hoping someone can help me with this. I don't understand what it happening, but the problem seems to be getting worse.

I have been struggling with extreme bloating, gas, and generalized abdominal discomfort for a long time now. Many years ago, it used to come and go 3-4 months it bothered me, then 3-4 months it didn't, and so on, for many years. Now it has plagued me for the past 18 months solid.

That is why I decided to go gluten and lactose free, although I can't say it has helped at all. At first I think it helped a little, I would be symptom-free for a week or two, have a relapse for a week or two, then be symptom free for a week or two, and so on.

Now it's just all of the time. I have never used artificial sweeteners. I always limit my sugar to a very minimal amount. It seems to be related to eating, but not diet, if that makes sense.

I have had more than one colonoscopy over the past few years, everything was normal. I have had so much blood work done, been checked for pretty much everything, all results were normal. I had a HIDA scan, my gallbladder function was 47%, so not perfect, but considered normal.

I don't understand what this is, or why it has been plaguing me for so so so long, and why it's getting worse.

I have heard many people say it's related to lyme, and that treating the lyme has alleviated the problem for them, but I'm not sold on the idea yet. I would think after 4 months of doxy last summer/fall, plus another 2 months of doxy/tindamax now, the problem would not be getting worse.

This is probably my most debilitating symptom I have. Due to it, I can't get comfortable sitting anywhere in my house, or even in the car, and this is the sole reason I can't function these days. Even though I have many other lyme symptoms, this one causes me more misery than anything else.


05/04/2012 07:35 AM
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When Lyme enters the guts, it can do some pretty astounding things...and it can take YEARS to heal...

I know from personal experience, that eating minimal amounts of foods containing gluten for under 6 months...took me 3 years to heal from...

It can really screw up digestion and absorption...

You are probably going to need to do some experimenting...which foods bother you the most vs the least...

One of the things that helped my guts recover, was going on a whole food fruit and veggie supplement...

The process in which it is made, makes it easier to digest and your body gets its necessary nutrients...

Don't get discouraged...The way I see it, this disease can do large amounts of damage in a short period of time...and unfortunately, because our bodies are so taxed, it can take a considerably long time for our bodies to repair that damage...


05/04/2012 07:46 AM
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Thank you cmany.

Here is a link to a lyme doctor's blog. I searched "bloating" on his site to see what he has seen in his practice. Each entry is different, and has a different reason behind the problem of bloating. The last one is related to gluten, so this may be of interest to some.

I have lots of things to ask my doctor about now. If anyone else can add from personal experience I would like very much to know what your experience has been.

05/04/2012 07:50 AM
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Glad to see your back! Thanks for that.

Is there something that helps with the digestive process? I feel like it is slowed down, and food sits too long in my tummy Sad

Digestive enzymes??

05/04/2012 08:50 AM
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Hi bee -

Have you had allergy testing done? A blood panel allergy test?

I struggled for years with what you described. Went Gluten and dairy free. I was vegan for years... still didn't understand it.

When I found my ND we did a blood panel allergy test - it tested over 150 foods. I came back with a ton of allergies.

Once I eliminated those foods from my diet - the bloating and gas went away.

I have other GI issues, but the bloating and gas is definitely allergy related for me. I get retested every year for my food allergies.

This year 54 came back.... It is a commitment - you have to stay away from all the foods on your list - but it works. My parents have done it, neighbors - and all are amazed at how good they feel once the allergy foods are out.

Lyme often (almost always) causes Leaky Gut Syndrome. This will cause food allergies to form. And they can be to foods we wouldn't think. For example I am allergic to Coffee, Rice, and Oranges.

The test is by NeuroScience.



05/04/2012 08:53 AM
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Thank you purple. I have only had the skin testing done for food allergies. My daughter's allergist said that would be enough. I wondered though. I will go back again and ask for the blood testing, if I can every get off of benadryl.

05/04/2012 08:54 AM
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Ask your physician about Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth. small_intestinal_bacterial_overgrowth/article.htm

In addition to the sensitivities, could be other bugs....been there

05/04/2012 08:57 AM
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Pampe- have you been successfully treated for SIBO? My GI had dxd me with SIBO last year, based mostly on clinical assessment. He is the one that told me no lactose, beans, artificial sweetners, gluten, and to keep my sugar below 40g per day. I even bought the book by the doctor that has led the way in researching SIBO. None of this has helped me at all. My GI tried to prescribe rifaximin but insurance wouldn't cover it, and a 3 week course was going to cost over $2000. We tried rifampin with no success.

05/04/2012 07:43 PM
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I'm glad I read about someone else who had this problem, though I'm sorry you had to go through it. It was one of the weirder symptoms that started after I started antibiotics.

I would have episodes where I would feel like my stomach was massively overproducing gas and I would have to burp constantly. If I didn't, like if it started while I was asleep, I would get really really nauseous.

Some of the anti gas meds you can get over the counter seemed to help a little, have you tried any of those? I've been on antibiotics for almost a year and the problem has pretty much gone away now, hopefully you'll get past it as well.

05/04/2012 07:52 PM
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Oh Lymeinmich...sorry...Yes digestive enzymes can be very beneficial...

See when my digestive stuff acts up...I have to do all I can NOT to go to the hospital...

Last year I must have been in the ER 8-10 times...was sent to a hospital in Denver...

Was deemed IBS...which makes sense...

I get what appears to be a blockage...not just from wheat...but no more cabbage in any way...trouble with raw onions and peppers...and too much of them cooked causes me issues...

At least with Wheat I have a special Gluten enzyme that I can take...but with the other stuff...eesh...

But they decided since I am on a very low dose of Xanex and it is related to atavan (which is what they give me in the er that an phenegran)...I was told to take my Xanax every 8 hours to help keep my intestines relaxed...

You can also get Bentyl - not sure on the spelling...but it helps to keep smooth muscles relaxed...IDK if a doc would give it without an IBS dx...but it doesn't hurt to ask...

I don't have to take any of this daily...but if god forbid I eat something that I shouldn't...and I feel it starting I take a couple of Xanex (.5 mgs each)...and take a nap...and I am much better after...

Which is why they settled on IBS...because with sedation I spontaneously get better...

I CANNOT take anti-gas meds...they cause me bowel obstructions...learned that the hard way...


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