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04/22/2012 10:50 AM

Sauna for detoxing

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I have been sick for far too long, like all of us. What can I do to make day-to-day life easier?

I've cut back work hours, hired someone to scrub the house once a month, use the groomer instead of bathing the dogs myself, etc. But I still feel like CRAP.

Are there any supplements or alternative treatments I can use to feel somewhat better? I am seeing a LLMD in PA right now, but he's having a hard time eliminating the severe fatigue.

Does sauna help? I am thinking of buying one and giving it a try. I recently read that near infrared was better than far infrared for detoxing.

Is there a specific unit you have used with good results? I need one under $2,000 - preferably closer to $1,200.


04/22/2012 11:17 AM
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Hi lymechic. I just bought a far infrared from costco.

I just did 2 posts on this if you would like to read. my-new-sauna/

I really think it helps.

04/22/2012 11:47 AM
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I like Mercola and I just got this in my mailbox today on infra red saunas and this is what he says to watch for. In regards to EMF. Kind of interesting article. 22/steve-benda-on-saunas-and-emf.aspx

04/22/2012 12:15 PM
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there are several people on here that have the "baked potato" sauna. You can find it on ebay for under $200. I don't have one yet, it will be the first thing I purchase when I have the funds.

My dr put me on anti virals a couple of weeks ago to see if we can get my EBV under control which then hopefully will help w the fatigue.

I had a reaction to something the week I started but dr doesn't think it's the meds. so I took 2 weeks off and will try again tomorrow.

Was having a bad week the week I started and had a couple of pb&j sandwiches and a slice of pizza. hadn't glad gluten in months so think it was more that or a combo of the meds and gluten.

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04/22/2012 04:11 PM
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Won't go without it....It's the only reason I'm alive......

Yes, I just read the Mecola email and friend showed it to me.....

I like Mecola for his explaination of things in simple terms..but do not always take him at face value....

last week eggs and bannana's where bad....this week they are important..

I don't know...seems like we are in bed with evil anyways.....

"They" say we shouldn't be takin' all this ABX....cuz that's bad for ya too...

Ok so now....I would not be were I am without that sauna..cuz I don't sweat normal....I NEEDED it to detox....

So I'm supposed to quit......cuz it will give me radiation?

Then what do I do when my body won't get rid of the toxins? Suffer?

Most know.....I swear by the's helped me more than I can explain.....will I live to 80 instead of 90? who knows....


WLk=) ps. the one I use is that cheap under 200 buck one....???

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04/22/2012 06:03 PM
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Inferred Sauna, Penta Water & O3

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