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04/16/2012 06:10 PM

Need help from those with backaches -

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I have Lyme.

My husband has been exhibiting some symptoms for a few months.

His most recent is a lower backache with pain down his leg. This is the most debilitating - he's in a lot of pain. My Lyme backaches were only minor in comparison.

If you had/have backaches, what was the duration, intensity, etc?

Your help is greatly appreciated.


04/16/2012 06:43 PM
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I also have had low back pain/ache for years that sounds very similar, when it gets bad it can run down my legs. The pain was always tolerable during the day but would get much much worse at night making it impossible to sleep without medication.

I tried pretty much every possible pain medication and strategy for years, and really the only way I kept the pain under control and was able to sleep was to take lots of narcotics.

When I got diagnosed with lyme last year and started treatment, the pain got a lot worse for a month or two and changed into a sharper pain rather than the dull ache it had always been. I also got off the narcotics and started something called naltrexone.

While the pain is better now, the naltrexone is not an as needed medication like narcotics or tylenol and takes a couple of weeks to start kicking in. Before it did I was miserable and the only way I could sleep was to knock myself out with sleep meds-- not great for obvious reasons but better than no sleep at all.

The pain is definitely considerably improved though can still flare up. Other things I used over the years that seemed to help were bengay patches (they have menthol in them which numbs) and seeing a massage therapist, who is really good and has helped a lot.

My lyme doctor also gave me a topical medication which helps a lot--I prefer to use non-pill solutions whenever I can.

I know I and lots of other people here can empathize with how difficult and exhausting being in constant pain can be. I hope this helps and if you want anymore information about any of the meds/strategies for your husband,(like I said I've tried them all) just let me know. Smile

04/17/2012 02:14 AM
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i have almost 24 7 for decades!

i go to a chiro weekly; they use a DROP DOWN table so when they push down you don't feel the FULL PRESSURE!

also, i have my SCIATIC NERVE worked on both butt areas! my left side is MUCH WORSE; it's where the ball/join hip replacement was put in 5 yrs. ago. it's much worse now.

going to hip surgeon tomorrow for annual checkup; will need to address this as i've not had this CONTINUOUS non-stop throbbing, like pins being stuck into my butt!

i use my frozen ice packs when sitting here at pc and try to get up EVERY 30 MIN. per drs. orders walking around and loosing up.

when reading/watching tv, i use my full body HEATING BAD ON LOW; helps tremendously, and my arms propped up on big/thick soft pillows!

also PINCHED NERVES could be the problem too.

best wishes, hugs/[prayers to both of you,

bettyg, leader


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