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04/14/2012 09:38 AM

Dr. Phil - Make Me a Star in My Own Life. Send vid

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At this link:

Dr. Phil is asking people to send in youtube videos of their lives.

"Do you want a life makeover? If you want to be a star in your own life, we want your video!

If you are having trouble getting a job, getting a date, getting noticed for your talent or getting noticed at all, we want to see why. Tell us why you or someone you know needs help with dating, public speaking, singing, dancing, job interviews, even parenting.

Upload video below of your most embarrassing date, performance, job interview, public speaking or parenting moment.

Or, upload your video to YouTube and make sure you title it: Dr. Phil Make Me a Star in My Own Life! Remember: When you post a video, we may air it!"

Is anyone up for doing this? If so, please send in your video regarding lyme! This is another chance to get the word out there, to put lyme awareness into the homes of Americans, med students, and physicians, to show what is happening to us.

Let America see with their own eyes the injustices that are happening to us!

The only way to fix all of this is a grass roots movement. We need to educate, make people aware, and let knowledge fill the minds of the majority.

When the majority demands change, when senators and lobbyists see what is happening, when people are so appalled as well as newly educated that they cannot sit by idly and allow this to happen, change WILL happen.

We have to work hard, but it can happen.


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