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04/01/2012 03:40 AM

My LLMD States I may not make it I need your help!(page 2)

waxbyPosts: 4811
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~~~Hello Leah!

~ "Has anyone here ever been told they may not make over the next few months?" ~ Perish the thought! Good Lord!

~~~Please hang in there, we're with you!

~~~Ask your Dr to ramp up your Rifampin to 600mg 2x a day.

Please click to go here for information and support … ~

``` ~~~from my straight jacket~~~out on a limb~~~lookin like a cocoon~~~hangin by a thread~~~waitin for a butterfly~~~under the moon~~~Lovey-Dovey~~~Mitchell ```

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04/01/2012 04:58 AM
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If you are 84 pounds and that sick (nausea and vomiting) to the point you are basically starving, your LLMD should have had you admitted to the hospital, no questions asked, to get you stabilized.

If he won't I would just go to the ER, Lyme or no Lyme, its that simple!

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04/01/2012 06:53 AM
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Just wanted to offer you hopes and prayers. We've all felt at the end of our rope. I agree with what the above people have said. You are probably paying a lot for supplements when you could "up" the antibiotic approach. Although many of us find that supplements are helpful, most need hard core antibiotics when things get very bad. Hang in there and keep reaching out. You aren't alone!

04/01/2012 07:02 AM
waxbyPosts: 4811
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~~~Hello DrScarlet!

~~~So good to see you my ol' friend!

``` Love, Mitchell ```

04/01/2012 08:02 AM
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I have nothing to offer but support and prayers

((gentle hug))

04/01/2012 08:14 AM
waxbyPosts: 4811
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~~~Hello pampe!

~ "I have nothing to offer but support and prayers ((gentle hug))" ~ This is HUGE!

``` Mitchell ```

04/01/2012 11:17 AM
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Leah, I just read this string and think there are definitely things we can do to get you back on track. I'm not an MD- nor an LLMD- but I would focus on anything to help get your liver levels down as much as possible.

Start with Milk Thistle (cheap) and if you can swing it, SAM-e. Both will get your liver levels going back into the right direction again.

Then, once your levels are better, try the IV antibiotics. They will get into your system much more effectively.

One of the things I do on the Klinghardt cocktail is add lipo-health to the mix (which adds magnesium) and then use a ionic cleaner to help bind the materials together.

The reason for this is that it helps the medicine penetrate to the areas where Lyme hides. My hunch is that your lyme case is using your own immune system to hide, and that's why you aren't improving as you need to.

You also need a comprehensive physical to make sure there's not something else going on other than Lyme which would be treatable. We all have a tendency to blame everything on Lyme, but sometimes other things creep in while we're so focused on Lyme disease and we miss it as a result.

If money is an issue, apply for disability ASAP- they can probably help you get financial assistance for healthcare as well.

Good luck- don't give up. There's always an answer if we look hard enough.

04/01/2012 11:34 AM
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Thanks so much evryone !!! I have a complete phycical at least once a month.

My Internal medicine MD IS also a DO I see him for these head to toe exams as well as LLMD.

I plan to see another Internal medicine MD, who also has a PHd in biochemistry to get his opinion he takes my insurance.

That was one of my undergraduate areas of study Chemistry ( strong in Organic & biochemistry) along with my other degree.

Right now with disabiliy, you would never know that I once functioned well.

I have been checked for all auto immune disorers none showed up except Hashimoto's disease.

I have had that for years , long before Lyme Disease & co- infections. I am being treated for that as well.

Thanks again everyone, your help is really appreciated more than you can know!!!

CD57 24.

I am 4'11 very small frame. My normal wt is 95-100 lbs. many times hanging around 92 lbs which is really too low.

I have times of vomitting a lot at times, but not always. I should go to hospital if it gets too many days.

My LLMD will send me to hospital, or rely on my Internal medicine MD.

I have been to hospital for IVs & I have anti nausea meds at home that do work sometimes. I will go again if necessary.

I admit I hate to go the treat me very badly, because they say LYME DISEASE DOES NOT EXIST IN NC, NEITHER DO OTHER CO_INFECTIONS I HAVE.


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04/01/2012 12:07 PM
waxbyPosts: 4811
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~~~Hello Leah!

~ "Thanks again everyone, your help is really appreciated more than you can know!" ~ You're Welcome!... And, actually we do know! We've all been there!

~~~Over two years ago when I first discovered this Forum FREAKING OUT from this disease, seeking HELP, so many reached out to help me, I CRIED!

~~~Hang on tight Leah! We'll be here waiting for you!

``` Mitchell ```

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04/01/2012 01:36 PM
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are you ON ssdi/ss disability work insurance, now? someone mentioned this.

if not, i'd have the dr. write you or get a copy of the medical notes in your files saying, "he doesn't think you have 2 months left, etc" and get that to SS OFFICE NOW. that alone can rush things so you are IMMEDIATELY APPROVED ON 1ST STEP !!

lots of great advise, but more than that; this wonderful membership of CARING AND SHARING is what is abundantly clear to me.

leah, we're all here for you sweetie; DON'T GIVE UP!

we love you leah Kissing

bettyg, iowa friend


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