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03/29/2012 07:49 PM

Healing Lyme method-has it WORKED for you?

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BUHNER..Looking for folks who have used Buhner's "HEALING LYME" method.

What do you think about it?

Has it worked for you?!

Would love to hear your thoughts!

Here's the website link:

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03/30/2012 02:50 AM
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hi kate,

we've got a great SEARCH feature upper right hand corner

type in buhner in lyme board click search

you have to add LYME BOARD to every search since there are OVER 800 OTHER BOARDS at mdj.

go past ads, read summaries; those interesting, click on it to read full post and ALL REPLIES.

good luck..

also, in future, please shown the NAME buhner in subject title; healing lyme means nothing to me; buhner does; thanks Wink

bettyg, leader/hugs/prayers


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