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03/27/2012 04:44 AM

Where to live with Lyme?

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Was wondering what kind of issues people here are dealing with around your living situations.

Over the years I have had Lyme and Co., one of the hardest aspects of it has been trying to figure out location-wise where I belong - comfortably.

Having people too close around me where I live, sharing the same quarters to any extent, has unfailingly brought me stress.

And this is only because I just dont seem to be able to put enough energy into doing what it takes to keep those around me content with my labor and/or monetary contributions.

Either that, or when I stay with my Mom or sister, I am always aware that my presence there is a drain on them for various reasons, even though they know I can't contribute as much as healthy people.

As "family" they accept me more for who I am, but still my presence with them is an added burden on them and I am too aware of it to really be comfortable.

I need to be around here to help my Mom now, but cant afford my own place to live in this area of Maryland. Roomates are out of the question for me, as I always run up against problems with them, and find they trigger me in my obsessing.

Anyway, I am blessed to have my Social Security Disability, but it is still not enough to allow me to live somewhere without roomates. I also dont want to pass on what I have to anyone else anyway.

Until I find where exactly I belong ( somewhere near my Mother ), I will have to keep roaming from place to place like this. But it is getting harder as I get older and this disease requires more from me.

I just wonder how many of you live in places where you are comfortable and not stressed. Especially if you are, or are not, in a highly Lyme endemic area.

I am beginning to think cities are the best places now.

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03/27/2012 05:39 AM
doglickPosts: 682

My way, I live alone on the outskirts of town. Easy to shop as it is near but relatively secluded. Just can't stand being around anyone when it is bad. Sorry.

03/27/2012 06:28 AM
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We can't have stressful/negative people around us for sure, but we are social beings.

I've had marital problems and this has caused me huge stress.

It's sad to say my husband is going on the road with a new job and I can't wait for the break.

Most people without a chronic disease won't get it and will get sick of hearing about it (even sometimes we do, if you're totally honest).

I know it's not easy when your life is ruled by a chronic disease like Lyme's, but "Lyme Obsession" will drive away the best of friends and family except for very few.

I suggest we do our talking/venting/asking here and for the most part spare others unless they ask or you have a medical need to explain.

When I'm at my worst, I just retreat to my room and sleep, read, Google etc. When I feel better I try to act as normal as possible and give myself and others a break from all things Lyme!

I understand your dilemma though, about needing a roommate, etc. for financial reasons. It takes compromise though. As far as city vs. country or suburbs, I wouldn't be paranoid, just take precautions and live where you like.

03/27/2012 08:51 AM
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I live in the city and have noticed that I just can't be around crowds since Lyme.

I try to avoid large crowds while shopping, etc. In order to accomplish this, I make every effort to go when I know crowds will be less. If I get to a place and notice that it is more than I can tolerate, I just remove myself from the situation.

As far as climate, I've noticed that storms and dampness make me feel worse. We had a really hot summer last year, and I was just beginning treatment at that time, so this summer will be the true test as to how I'll manage as a chronic Lymie.

Hope you can find what works best for you! Enjoy your trip!

03/27/2012 10:14 AM
doglickPosts: 682

I lived in a city for a time in Germany. The low frequency noise from the freight trains (very common in the area) about drove me crazy. It permeated every building and never stopped. General hypersensitivity is common with us lymie's. It has gotten much better with treatment.

03/27/2012 07:49 PM
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Thanks for the feedback and experiences here. Doglick, I kind of like the sound of living on the outskirts of town alone. Glad you are able to do it.

I was able to do that in New Mexico where the cost of living was so much lower. Here on the east coast, I cant afford anything. Looked into applying for a section 8 voucher today, but they have closed it off since 2008 supposedly.

Cant afford anything else either. So guess as long as I am here I need to stay back and forth between Mom and sister's place. If they can stand me, I dont mind it at all.

Nan, seems like you are safer living in the big city. Safer from ticks and some biting bugs. But I know what you mean about large crowds being overwhelming. I am feeling that more and more.

And Mowgli, interesting you say "we are social people", because it kind of makes sense. I wonder if the majority of Lyme suffers are people who love the outdoors and hiking. And often people who love that have company.

I know that was the case with me. Was with two guys friends hiking when I was infected.

Avoiding stressful negative people is a must. But boy do I feel sorry for those who cant avoid me, lol!

03/27/2012 08:16 PM
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I live in a large city. For me the extreme cold makes my body hurt so much worse.

nank, I here you, I do not think I have only been in a mall once since having lyme for 3 years. The over stimulation is really not good, I kinda freak out really bad haha.

I live in canada, and I am going down to the states for a choir trip, we are going to the mall of america I think I am going to be done so so so done. I don't know how I will last in there.

As for ticks I was bit not in the city, I have not even seen one in the city. (except in my room I have a tick on my wall not the one that gave me lyme was already sick for a year previous... Don't worry it is in a ziplock bag)

But I find warmer temperature helps, but since I am only 16 I guess I will be living in the cold for a few more years

03/29/2012 02:47 AM
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suggestions for mall of america:


pace yourself; weave back/forthfrom 1 side to other in the NARROW HALLWAYS as you will never get bac kto them again.

go to restrooms; THEY HAVE FEET MACHINES or something like that; haven't been back since they opened! i was so pooped; sit down often; many benches all over.

rode the LOG RIDE after getting done walking in CAMP SNOOPY!

write down where you park; it's MONSTROUS.

vicki, good question above! great answers from all.

my neighbor's driveway is 6-8' from both bedroom windows; constant doorslamming with a CARPORT next to windows too!! they are so noisy.

gotta keep on trucking; getting very tired.

have a safe trip and beneficially to you spiritually.


bettyg, leader


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