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03/13/2012 05:46 PM

symptom questions

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Hi! Have any of you experienced numbness/tingling in the hips and ribcage area?

Or do you go through itchy all over for no reason?

Or do any of you ever feel your heartbeat throb through your entire body?

Cardiologist says my heart is fine.. but now am curious.. it is annoying.

Is it a panic attack?

Just thought i would ask, just trying to understand if it is Lyme or other things..Paranoid I guess.



03/13/2012 05:53 PM
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As you keep reading on this site you will realize that your crazy symptoms are due to Lyme. Great validating site. Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences.

03/13/2012 06:02 PM
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I have experienced all those sensations at one time or another and I have to say they fit in the spectrum of Lyme Disease.

Being a spirochete bacteria, these little buggers can get into every system and mess with the wiring to the brain.

So the numbness, itching, pain, palpitations, and on and on, as pony said, it's all due to the Lyme.

Hang in there and keep learning. It's the best thing you can do to further understand your own case.


03/13/2012 06:04 PM
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Thanks! you all are wonderful and I appreciate your input. I do learn more and more each day and so grateful to have found this site. HUGS.

03/13/2012 09:52 PM
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One more thing... hips and ribcage... Bartonella.

Also can cause heart palps (not as bad as Babesia though),

crackly neck/joints,

painful neck,

painful bottoms of feet (esp in AM),

stretch-mark-like skin manifestations,

varicose veins (yes, this is correct!),

night sweats,

and back of the head headaches.

Does any of that ring a bell?

Let us know. Wink


03/14/2012 04:30 AM
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300 OTHER DISEASES MIMIC LYME! forums/studies-research/318606-300-medical-conditions- related-to-lyme


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