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03/11/2012 02:02 PM

i turned 30 on friday. dad's passing tomorrow.(page 2)


jen....oh HELL YEAH. can't wait for this to be over. i asked my husband, 'will i wake up every day and be grateful that i'm not in pain when this is over?' i think the answer is yes. Smile

03/11/2012 02:04 PM
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i know the answer will be yes, can you imagine not loving life to the n'th degree when you get to wake up and feel good? i can't even imagine it right now...but i know it will be great. i just want to travel again, leave the house regularly, go out to eat without wondering if i will have an 'episode' where i feel like death, make plans with friends, host parties like i used to all the time etc. you would never know what a social butterfly i was. this disease has stolen everything about me!

03/11/2012 03:18 PM
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Christine, happy belated birthday to you,

I know you are feeling blue;

I would be too.

We didn't have a clue

until you told us where life feels like a zoo.

Better go now before board updates itself.

an original by Bettyg,

hugs/prayers for better days, months, and years to come in REMISSION

christine and tizmo, i sent you my sympathies to you both on the loss of your dad's to this disease, etc.

lost my mom, 68, 22 yrs. this july 22 colon cancer to liver before i was diagnosed

my SIL 19 yrs. ago this month at age 40 of early onset ALZHEIMER'S; treated entirely for severe depression having it 8i-14 yrs. now i feel it was a tick bite too since she/my brother farmer with dad our century farm.

13 yrs. ago aug. 25, my only sister age age 41, 2nd time around breast cancer to the liver.

11 yrs. ago aug. 18 dad passed, 86, heart/liver failure, diabetes and NON-DX LYME/co-infections of 80+ YEARS!

03/11/2012 08:27 PM

Betty....I don't know how you are as strong as you are. You have been through so much. I have sooooo much love for you!!!!!!!!!!

I LOL'd at your poem. You are so sweet. It brought a smile to my face. Smile


I seriously cannot imagine, either. I used to be very active and busy w/ friends, too. I miss going out to eat the most, going to concerts, hiking, and just drinking some beer or wine w/ my friends. this disease definitely robs us of our life, body, and bank accounts!

03/12/2012 04:30 AM
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this is what i learned about early on since 1979; if you are LUCKY enough to have parents/family on video tape, cd, dvds, tape recorder tapes, MAKE MASTERS OF ALL.

put originals in lock box; then play the others when you are at your LOWEST MISSING THME. nothing is better than hearing their voices/LAUGHTER and watching their mannerisms and gestuers. it brings them right there in the room with you.

also back in 79 were 5 major tramatic things in my life with the 1st of family deaths; my MIL's due to diabetic coma; she has lost her toes and then her 1 leg to diabetes.

that yr. my gallbladder was removed with me in hospital 10 days with daily soap operats happening except they were happening in reality to me.

right after i returned to work from surgery, my stepson and car were hit by a TRAIN at a RR crossing; 100% total wreckage. he was in bad condition.

at this same time of his accident, his mom's current husband was in des moines, iowa DYING from a health illness; so she was torn in 2 places.

she finally asked the dr; will my son live thru the night? YES; MY HUSBAND IS DYING RIGHT NOW IN DESMOINES, I'M GOING TO BE WITH HIM THEN.

a yr. after dad died she was diagnosed with lung, brain, bone cancer. i went to all her cancer appts/treatments; kept 2 adult kids up to date. made arrangements with funeral director. there with her and my stepson when she passed away.

also 1 yr. prior to mom's death, stepdaughter's current husband was killed in car accident; car torn in HALF. then found out he had a double life; drug dealer! shocked hubby/i; we didn't see that until the very end where his personality changed. they lived far enough from us we didn't see them regularly.

so i've had many life/death incidents in life; after the 1st one, each one GETS EASIER; hard; but tolerable! unfortunately, it's old hat now; but i'm going to miss the hell out of hubby when his time comes at UNKNOWN date. he's doing ok for now.

good, my poem was meant to provide you laugher and give you LESS WRINKLES!! Laughing Silly

may god or whoever you believe in reach out and help us all during our hitting bottoms in our lifetimes. amen.

bettyg, friend


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