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02/05/2009 01:16 PM

New to the board

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I am new on this board.It is nice to see so many having good results with natural treatments for lyme. I have sclerodoma due to lyme and I was wondering if anyone else has autoimmune problems due to lyme?

02/05/2009 01:52 PM
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Hi there, welcome to the board. I was told BEFORE i got my lyme dx that I had fibromyalgia, lupus, scleroderma, and RA, I never really thought those were the real ansswer, so for years I kept pursuing answers, and lyme was the perfect fit.

are you in treatment for the lyme? if you need anything, please let us know.

warmest regards,


02/05/2009 02:10 PM
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Hi and welcome...glad to have you.

I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis and lupus but they were never 100% sure. The sarcoidosis I refuse to take the medication because it was predisone, which is not good for us with lyme. Thank God I read up on it and didn't take it. Sarcoidosis and bartonella, same symptons.

I am having good results with natural treatment after being on abx and my stomach couldn't handle anymore. Are you seeing a lyme disease doctor? That's really important first and foremost.

Please let us know how we can help. We're here for you.

Take care,

02/05/2009 04:44 PM
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Hi Thank you for the welcome.I never went the traditional route if meds for sclero I went on abx right away because of the infection connection with autoimmunity.I am seeing aLLMD who is integrative so he is open to prescribing herbs I just don't know which one to start with.It's great to see many getting better with natural meds !


02/08/2009 12:07 AM
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hi lisa, a familiar name HERE too Smile lol

02/08/2009 01:08 AM
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Hi there , welcome to what I have found to be a very friendly and resourceful place.

I was wondering if you had maybe spoken/pm'd anyone with your current symptoms/length of time you have been ill and I see that the girls have also given you some vital info on making sure of your diagnosis. Asking which tests determined an autoimmune problem, and moreso the possibility of Lyme. No matter where you live or whether your doc 'didn't bring it up' and you trust him or her.

The ONLY cases I know that have been 'auto immune' have ended up being true lyme-late stage and not trying to scare or sway you either. This board is full of such great people who seem to be knowledgeable in all walks of life/medicine or the natural way. Maybe tell us a little about yourself, unless you have a bio with your story, then you will find help jumping out of the woodwork. Best of luck to you. Auto immune or LYme, it's anything but easy. Blush

Adding-- saw another post of yours. So it's sclero secondary to Lyme? Since I can't delete my post will at least say that so that it has been clarified in another post/ sorry about that.

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02/08/2009 07:51 AM
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HI there,

Some herbs I love are Garlic, Olive Leaf Extract, Cats Claw(Samento a stronger version of it)

I also hear good things about Lauracedian(sp).

Good Luck

09/17/2009 11:57 AM
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My son was diagnosed with scleroderma, then morphea and recently he tested positive Bb -- I believe this is what caused his scleroderma, but I am having a difficult time with my husband and the Dr. -- they still do not believe he has lyme even though Igenex performed an extensive entrope test on his band 31 and it came back positive for Bb. My son is only 14.

09/17/2009 02:45 PM
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First Welcome...

You need to get your hubby on your you can take stories from here - from our younger members...or

Get Cure Unknown by Pam Weintraub...from the Library or buy it from amazon...

Read the stories the author tells of her own kids - kids from another family...and read it out loud to the hubby - or make copies and leave it around the house with important areas highlighted...

Then tell need him on board - because you are NOT willing to let this happen to your son...and if he is...then he is obviously willing to fail his son as a parent (may not need to be so harsh IDK)...

Then start showing him the explanations why the testing is so inaccurate...

Put your foot down and let him know that you are NOT going to take NO for an answer - that you, with or without him, are going to pursue the appropriate treatment and get your son better. And it is his JOB as the father to do the same.

Take Charge and Take no nonsense!

If you would like help in finding your son and LLMD please send me a pm with your location and distance you can travel...I will see what I have



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