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07/06/2007 05:35 AM

Lyme TV show in San Francisco 7/9/07

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Hi everyone -- I'm new here -- was just told about this site by Betty G -- I'm in San Francisco -- found out last year that I have Lyme, after having it for 25 years and not knowing it! I made a TV program with three others in June and it will air Monday July 9 at 10 pm on the Mark Hunter show on Channel 29, our public access TV station.

Two moms and a kid joined me. One of the moms is a psychotherapist and counsels people with Lyme. She also got her county to declare May Lyme Disease Awareness month. One of her kids is on the show. The other mom is a detox consultant. She has three kids who were infected in utero. Both families found out two years ago what was going on.

Thx all -- Robin K

Ok, two years later, an edit! You can google for the TV interview - San Francisco Lyme Disease Talkshow. It's one hour long.

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07/06/2007 09:36 AM
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I'm THRILLED for the 4 of you to finally see the finished version of your ONE HOUR tv program you all taped that day!

I'm looking forward to seeing it someday!

I sent an email to our IOWA PUBLIC TV email address since they sent me my weekly update on their programming.

I advised them what you folks had done, it's airing on Monday night, and asked WHAT THEY COULD DO TO GET A COPY AND RUN FOR IOWA/SURROUNDING STATES? I look forward to a response back from their upper management!

I learned more in your write-up above as well.

Next week, Robin, I'll be talking to a recently discovered "celebrity"!! Kissing Kissing Cool

alon, here is another NEW reply to different post where the PREVIEW is locked up and won't let me preview prior to posting. thanks my friend! Smile xox

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