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03/01/2012 11:11 AM


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Anybody have any experience with this?

My dr. just started me on this 2x a day one pill, 20 minutes before A-L complex.

I'm about 2 years out since the last time I took an ABX, feeling pretty good. Bab and Bart are both negative now. Still a few positive bars on igenex for Lyme, but minimal symptoms.

I've been taking 15 drops of the A-L complex with no problems, going up to 20 drops. My dr. seems to feel this will finish off the little lyme I have left.

But she wants me to go very carefuly with the A-L complex starting back at 1 drop and not to go over 10 drops now. Is this Interfase that strong? Should I expect a strong herx? Is one pill at a time enough?

Also I've only been able to find people taking Interfase Plus, this is only regular Interfase. Is this a problem?


03/01/2012 03:50 PM

I tried 4 days of interfast plus by klaire labs last week. HAD MAD DIARRHEA. Don't know what was up w/ that. I am going to try a different supplement.

03/01/2012 03:50 PM
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I found out my LLMD starts everybody out on Interfase and then switches to Interfase Plus.

03/02/2012 04:13 AM
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hi jj,

for future, i think you'd have better luck posting things like this in MEDICINE/TREATMENT FORUM where it belongs ok.

support is for MORALE; need a shoulder to cry on or vent; thanks my friend.

also, use search upper right hand corner, type in word and add in lyme board, click search.

you hve to add in lyme board since there are over 800 OTHER boards here at mdj.

go past ads, read summaries; find something; click on it to read full post.

good luck Wink hugs

bettyg, leader

03/29/2012 11:21 AM
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I take the regular Interfase and yes it does make a difference! I was up to 15 drops of A-L Complex and A-Bart and when I added the interfase I had to back off down to about 10 drops and work back up. I also started with 1 pill 20min before the herbs and worked up to 2 pills.

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