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03/01/2012 07:23 AM

Lyme and positive Ana

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I was diagnosed with Lyme disease last year after 20years of random symptoms. At the time I was diagnosed I also was Ana positive with antibodies for sjogrens ssb. Currently I am being treated for Lyme with 1000mg per day of clarithromycin and pulsing factive. I am having high anxiety, swelling and burning hands and knees. I keep freaking out that I have something else based on the positive Ana and ssb. Can those occur because of chronic Lyme.

03/01/2012 07:34 AM
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I know the others will chime in to answer your question. I'm just stopping by for support!

Welcome to the board!


03/01/2012 08:05 AM
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Thanks, I feel like I am losing it with constantly searching for reasons I am not getting much better. I tend to be a little OCD, but it now seems out of control. My llmd says that Lyme just makes anxiety and/or OCD worse. Why can't I just accept the Lyme diagnosis. I lately have been obsessing that there must be something else wrong since my Ana and ssb are positive. It's definitely making me crazy.

03/01/2012 03:51 PM
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hi Wink

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03/01/2012 06:37 PM
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my doc says that many or most of his lyme patients have a high ana (including me). he also said that ALL of his patients have a normal ana once they reach remission after treatment

03/02/2012 09:44 AM
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That is good to know. I am not sure if it's just the lyme that is making me completely freak out or if I just have extreme anxiety. I can't stop obsessing that the lyme might be something else. Have you also had extreme anxiety with your lyme?

Thanks for your response. Any reassurance is very helpful.

03/02/2012 04:49 PM
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lyme causes so many different symptoms including anxiety. if your llmd believes you have lyme then you can be pretty confident that the lyme is screwing up everything else and causing a million different symptoms. i have had anxiety in the past and i know how devastating everything an feel. i do have some anxiety now but it is more when i am out in public and have my lyme symptoms come on then i get anxious about the loss of control (lightheaded, dizzy, foggy, etc). but i can empathize. it will all get better with treatment!

03/02/2012 06:40 PM
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I was diagnosed with Sjogren's month before last. I knew he was wrong. I was too sick with "outerwordly" cognitive impairment symptoms I explained but he didn't want to understand.

He said Sjorgren's with joint inflammation.

I have tested positive for mycos and next month I get tested for Lymes as I'm really super nuero.

From the researchers and the scientists that are honest, it seems much of these auto immune signals are pathogens. I'm glad I trusted my gut.

I have now made a few friends with lyme, and one has extreme anxiety. I don't. Just nuero broken short sleep.


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03/04/2012 06:51 AM
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Thanks for your quick responses. Did any of you with a positive ANA have any other positives like the ssa or ssb? I actually think the anxiety is the biggest part of my problem right now.

03/04/2012 08:01 AM
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I agree Lyme causes positive ANA. I myself have been tested positive for lyme and positive for ANA.

However when my rheumy tested me for lupus and sjogen's the test came back negative. Negative MRI for MS.

So I am pretty sure the lyme is the reason for my positive ANA, and my current symptoms.Despite the fact that not one of my 3

doctors (pcp, rheumy, neuro) want to admit that I still have lyme!!!


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