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02/21/2012 04:24 PM

Want to hear a good one???

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So, I got the results back for my neuropscyh exam today that's required for disability. And.... the results are shocking!

My dr did warn me that I'd need to have a thick skin but we have to have the results to qualify but I didn't expect this.

Basically I'm crazy, the exact dx is Psuedo Depression and Conversion disorder. Ok, I can live w that b/c it also states that I'm severely impaired in most areas he tested.

Now for the fun part - he also states that I'm only doing this to keep my boys at home and "Defer my adult life". what in the H does that even mean?

I find it very interesting that he never mentioned my daughter or that I

even have one. She lives 6 hrs away, goes to school full time and works full time. Guess if he's mentioned her that would blow his theory.

He states that all my issues are related to the depression, not that I had the symptoms for yrs before the depression.

I have work related stress - I haven't worked since 10/10 - and I need intense therapy.

Guess he forgot that or just got the whole time line mixed up. he's suppose to be one of the best in the state.

After I got over the initial shock and made sure my dr doesn't agree w/ the whole can't live w/o my kids thing, I guess it's kind of funny in a sad way.

Oh - did I mention that one of the first questions he ask after taking my medical history was if I'd been tested for Lyme b/c in his own words "I'm a textbook case". Now I don't see that in his report anywhere.

But this should be the final piece for disability!!

Oh yeah, I agree that I'm depressed, who wouldn't be when you can't pay your bills, get out of bed, drive, feed your family, get a good real dx.

Let's add him to our list of those we hope get to join our Lyme community!!! See how long it takes him to get depressed.

emphasized diagnosis to comment on, bettyg, leader

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02/21/2012 04:47 PM
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WOW! I mean, wwwwoooooowwwwwwww.... Seriously, wow.

But YAY for pushing through! YAY for disability! YAY for being able to pay for your life (hopefully!!).

And you did it. You sat through and got the testing done, and you're not giving up! Like so many people do, which is exactly what they want.

(I sent my 4-pg letter with attachments of my proof of being disabled before my insured period ended to my congressman today. YAY me! I pray that it will be what I need, what he needs, to help me.)

You did it girl! I'm proud of you. Now to relax for at least a minute. Lord knows there may be hurdles ahead... But you have leapt over the highest ones me thinks. Wink

02/21/2012 11:58 PM
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you gotta love the neuro community!! L - I'm glad you are making headway.

02/22/2012 02:24 AM
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avs, i emphasized your diagnosis/statements in your letter so we could try to comprehend all the comments also.

i went to ssdi's ADULT BLUE BOOK OF APPROVED DISABILITIES. bluebook/12.00-MentalDisorders-Adult.htm#Top

from there if you use BACK button, you see all 12 sections that ARE APPROVED by dds/ssdi folks.

based upon your dx, i looked at mental/depression issues.

i typed in dx name they gave above pseudo .... copied it from here to there! nothing showed up at all!!

yes, we all hve to have THICK SKIN for the sake of this being any evidence to GET YOUR CLAIM APPROVED. majority of us get ours approved for mental since it IS APPROVED area.

lyme/co-infections/fibro/chronic fatigue are NOT!

lyme disease is mentioned; it's in my ssdi info online here shown in my welcome letter link; can't remember specific section reference off top of my head.

so keep praying THIS is what they need to APPROVE you; who cares what they say as long as you are APPROVED! don't fight a name given to you; just be GLAD and get your work insurance payments you worked hard for all your life ok.

hugs/prayers; thanks for sharing this personal hogwash above!

iowa friend, bettyg Kissing

02/22/2012 09:31 PM
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I looked at the report again, it says pseudo dementia depression. Sorry, I got it wrong the first time.

Had a hard night last night, keep waking up w the thoughts going thru my mind. I don't believe it but it's in there rattling around.

Don't think the dr's realize or care how they effect people's lives.

02/24/2012 03:13 AM
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avs, yes, i was wandering about the title you posted earlier.

did you look at that section link i gave you above from blue book?


bettyg, leader


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