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02/18/2012 03:11 PM

Too much doxy or just what I need?

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I am on Flagyl (250 mg tid) doxy, (100 mg tid), Samento 3 drops bid, Banderal 3 drops bid, Oil of Oregano once a day, Diflucan once a day, probiotics several times a day, Houttenyia three capsules a day, and other vitamins and supplements.

Have had no herx.

Today I took an extra doxy pill by mistake and a few hours later felt weak, dizzy, cold, and, had a headache and had to lay down.

Would one extra pill make that much difference when nothing else has ever done anything for me?


02/18/2012 06:39 PM
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although you are on other abx, your doxy dose looks really low to me. my starting dose was 200 and that was only for 1 week until i raised it to 300mg. even 300mg is low for some and they raise to 400 or more. so my guess is if you responded like that to an extra pill, you may need it to kill enough bugs.

of course i am no pro, just from what i have read that looks like a low doxy dose. keep killin' those bugs!!! thinking of you Smile

02/18/2012 08:02 PM
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100mg of Doxy really doesn't take an offensive action. 200mg keeps the bacteria at bay. I've learned that 300mg is the target dose where action occurs.

It could very well that the amount of antibiotics and antibacterials you're consuming is enough to keep everything at bay and nothing more.

Your mistake by ingesting an extra pill of doxy seems to support this theory. Based on these findings, I'd theorize that an increase in the doxy would warrant you a nice herx.

I believe you're right below the level, with antibiotics, in which you need to be to entice a herx.

02/18/2012 09:24 PM
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I started out on 100mg doxy once a day and noticed a herx. Even though research shows thats not enough. But I was in real bad shape.

Then I went up to 100 mg BID and noticed a herx. Now Im on 200 mg BID and Cefdinir, grapefuit seed extract, and oil of oregano.

So anyway, every time I upped the doxy by just one pill I herxed until I adjusted and felt a little better.


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