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02/11/2012 11:00 PM

Bulls Eye Rash

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Does anyone know if you have to have the Lyme anti toxins or a previous exposure to get a bulls eye rash?

02/12/2012 02:12 AM
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dave, interesting question; sorry, i don't know, but up to the top we go.

hugs, bettyg, leader

02/12/2012 09:47 AM

Yes, a bull's eye rash is indicative of Lyme and merits treatment on its own.

We have had reports on mdjunction of people getting bull's eye rashes after having bites from mosquitos or unknown insects.

It has been shown that mosquitos do carry Lyme, babesia, and other coinfections. However, there has not been a study that has *convinced* the CDC to accept that mosquitos and other insects can carry these diseases AND transmit them to humans.

People with Lyme have also had bull's eye rashes appear after bites by other insects, during treatment, etc. It isn't positively known whether this is due to reinfection, localized reactivation of a dormant infection, or some other cause (immune reaction, etc.) could be all of the above, really.

Based on people's stories on mdjunction, I'd guess it's most often a case of reinfection if it appears and you already have Lyme, but that is pure speculation.

If you listen to the interview between Dr. Mercola and Dr. Klinghardt, they cite evidence that most people have these infections, that the diseases are no longer just tick-borne, and that symptoms appear when the immune system can no longer suppress the infection(s).

here is a link to the interview: 05/dr-dietrich-klinghardt-on-lyme-disease.aspx


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