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02/11/2012 02:31 PM

Has everyone here had a herx?

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I have had all kind of antibiotics and IV for a couple of months and don't think I've had a herx. Been doing this since July 2011.

The only time I ever felt like death is when my liver enzymes went off the charts.

If I did have a herx, I didn't notice it as anything other than a usual bad day.


02/11/2012 02:42 PM
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I've never really know when to know if how I'm feeling has been a herx, lyme and co symptom, or medications. I was VERY up and down, with horrible days in the past few months. In the past week or two I have felt more myself and am wondering if it all is finally working *knock on wood... I would feel okay one minute and the next feel like death at times, so I guess those were prob herxes?

02/11/2012 02:54 PM
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It's hard to tell if the medicines are working or if you are reaching a plateau. Some doctors like the symptoms to get worse. They use the worsening of symptoms as a measure of the treatment being effective.

I can't tell if mine are herxes or side effects either. I had about 3 days of exhaustion and bad symptoms right when I first started taking antibiotics.

Then for a few weeks I had 4 bad days per week and 3 average.

Now since about 3 weeks ago, I've had 7 days per week really bad with tons of symptoms and exhaustion, lack of motivation to do anything etc.

I haven't had any improvement yet. I've gotten worse. I'm in week 7 of babesia treatment.

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02/11/2012 03:02 PM
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~~~If your sumptoms are coming and going, in and out, and up and down, and changing in higher and lower intensities, your Herxing.

``` Mitchell ```

02/11/2012 04:58 PM
doglickPosts: 682


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