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11/22/2011 01:11 PM

Headache like things are moving in there!


Hi all,

Most days I can deal with the symptoms, whether it's an OK day or a bad one. Today, things are so weird, I'm just not dealing well with it mentally.

I'm on mepron and artemisin for babs, plus azithromycin adn cefdenir for lyme. And samento and cumanda, plus Pekana apohepat for detox.

First - forearm, hand, and wrist pain - this is burning pain, on top of tingling. Woke me up about 6 times last night with absolutely stabbing pain in my forearms, right down the center, from elbow to palm of hand.

Second - since yesterday, I've had the weirdest dang headache. Not severe pain, but it actually feels like there are things moving around in my head!

It's mainly at the back of the head, where the neck intersects (which I've read is typical of a Lyme headache). But there's also pressure back there, which keeps moving around throughout the whole back half of my head.

Driving me CRAZY! Like there are gerbils running around in there.

Third - derealization is major today. Everyone is a cardboard cutout, my mind is trying to tell me that walls aren't real, and it seems to think I am living in the matrix and bending spoons.

Not easy, as I deal with multiple projects at work (it's our busy season).

I keep trying to focus on people's faces and what they are saying, instead of the fun house going on in my mind.

Oh, and during teleconferences, my mind could care less about what's important and what's not. In fact, it's pretty much reversing the two. Thank goodness I'd already highlighted what I needed to talk about!

Just had to vent/share. You all get it. Folks around me sooooooo don't.

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11/22/2011 02:39 PM
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ask the doc for some zanax... should help a tad with that. Helps me feel more 'normal'...and its cheap if you have insurance. I take 0.5 -one at night and during the day lll take one if its a bad one.

11/22/2011 03:19 PM
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Sending you love and light to get you through this..

Pesky Babs..Angry

I pray this passes quickly for you..blessings to you.Kissing

peace love and light-kim

11/22/2011 04:33 PM
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Irenwill I have the pain migraine today but I can only imagine how horrible it must be to feel like there is something running around up there! Xanax made my groggy the one and only time I took it. I might have taken too much though.

Must go in search of my augmentin for my evening snack! Where oh where did that little bottle go? Take care of yourself also! Enjoy the holiday!

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11/22/2011 04:40 PM
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In the few months of treatment, my kid's headache would change and move around.

She could "point" to specific spot where it moved to, position changes could happen in a few hours or day, it was very specific pinpoint spots at first.

As she approached the first remission, it seemed to stop moving. Also the "pinpoint" spots turned into broader patches. She used her hand to indicate an area or patch instead of pointing with finger to a spot. But in the early treatment time it was spooky.

I never had headache pain that moved around like that and I used to have constant headaches when we first moved to Maryland. I constantly took advil and benadryl just to get through the day.

I laughed at myself. I was working and going to school, I'd get such bad headaches that I would vomit everyday when I got home. I thought it was just my boss stressing me out, but it turned out I am allergic to everything in Maryland, except bird feathers.

After I did allergy shots, the headaches went away. I owe my allergist, without that doc, I would not be able to live in Maryland.

Smile In retrospect, I think that was very "IDSA/CDC" of me to think that I was just "stressed" and didn't recognize there was an organic disease process affecting me.

Just wanted to let you know. I think weird moving headache pains is part of the Lyme stuff. I've read other similiar reports.


11/22/2011 05:56 PM
shorelinelymePosts: 1252
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Yes- I had that same type of headache- and it is exactly how I described it to my things were moving around in my head...and this was one of my most scary symptoms (sometimes I was afraid it would cause a stroke- if it was combined with pressure.)

It went away...but took 4-5 months of minocycline.



11/22/2011 06:27 PM
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I have the same type of headaches, back of the head/upper neck. It moves from the base to the back & sides (behind the ears). It feels like 1000's of tiny things (I don't know what they are) moving all at once, like a heard of cattle/horses.

As far as what bacteria/infection causes it? IDK? I do know that when I take baths, I can feel it run up my neck to my head.So, it doesn't like heat. Also, when aver I start a new ABX, it's always the worse.

It has gotten better over time, for me.

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11/22/2011 09:42 PM
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I hate those headaches, they're horrible. Thankfully I don't have them as much anymore, but they aren't far from my memory.

Ice packs were a huge relief for me and Robax Platinum.


11/23/2011 07:49 AM

Thanks to all for the suggestions and letting me know I'm not imagining things. Feeling a bit better today, so far. Thank goodness.

The movement was really like something was running around in there, very quick. So strange.

I try to stay away from xanax because it can be addictive, and I'm in recovery.

Although knowing that I might have had Lyme since 9 years old, and I started drinking at 14 to get some sleep after having insomnia for years -- gives a whole new twist to the phrase "self-medicating" LOL. Thankfully I quit at 25.

But it makes me wonder how many other addictions are attributable to mis-diagnosis ...

11/23/2011 04:45 PM
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on dr. oz's today's show, they had a woman with SEVERE HEADACHES; she got out of the shower and this was worse than the other.

she drove herself to ER; found thru mri it was BLOOD up there; had she waited, it was an ANEURISM; she would have died.

so we need to know when to go to ER or not; hard call!

healing thoughts to you and prayers on my way.

bettyg, leader


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