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11/05/2011 06:30 PM

sorry for asking this question, it's a bit gross

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I have IBS, I also have hemorrhoids since having my son... pretty normal...

The bleed bright red sometimes... also some what normal, i have had them checked, it's all ok.

Sime i have been on the abx for 4 months I got to the bathroom several times a day usually they are sore & sometimes bleed.

Tonight I felt like I had to go to the bath room but whrn I wiped I had gone, it was a blood clot that came out... that has never happened to me.

Is that normal? Should I be concerned? It isn't like I am bleeding, just then or sometimes when I go. I see my LLMD on the 15th. I sthat something I should address with him, & or my family Dr.

Sorry for this question, but if anyone outside of my DR can help with this it's you all!


11/05/2011 07:10 PM
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Jo - I'm sorry, did the blood clot come from your rectum or vaginal area?

I know blood clots or thick blood is common with LD & Co. I'm not sure which infection or infections actually cause this.

I know after my son was born, about 2 weeks later, I had terrible stomach pain. I went to the bathroom & pushed as if I was pushing during birth. I had huge, blood clots & I can't tell you how much blood pour out of me.

I had a reg. vaginal birth, no cutting, stitches or anything. The blood was not that old because if it was 2 weeks, it would have been dark brown or black.

I have found that "Hawthorn" supplements help aleve blood thickening/clotting.

11/05/2011 07:14 PM
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My wife had that happen to her several months ago. It was a blood clot that came out. After it came out she bled a bit more then it stopped. She's been fine since then. If you have real heavy bleeding that continues then you need to go to the ER as they may need to cut it out and stitch it up. Otherwise, I think (my opinion only) that it should be fine.

I've used *organic extra virgin* coconut oil for my hemorrhoids and it's cleared them up completely. You might consider trying that. There's also a homeopathic paste for this too, but I can't remember the name of it right now. You could probably google it and find it. However, coconut oil has amazing healing properties in it and it worked like a charm for me. I use it for just about everything, including my dry cracked feet. I eat it too as it is antiviral, antifungal (kills yeast too) and antibacterial. Amazing stuff!

Hope things get better for you tonight, but don't allow yourself to bleed too heavily as that would not be good. Go to the ER if it continues to bleed heavily.

Keep us posted.


11/05/2011 07:26 PM
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Hi jomomma-

I have two links for you. disease/page/2/ hemorrhoids.htm

I hope at least one of them helps...God bless.


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11/05/2011 08:33 PM
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Raven it is my rectum... I had terribly painful & heavy periods with a lot of large clots, I had an ablation done & I no longer have a period. I have had bleeding before just never a clot, that freaked me out a little!

My hubby called me right after I had this happen & he is in Maine hunting & I didn't tell him, that was NOT the last thing I wanted him to think about while he was going to sleep since it's been over a week since I have seen him Wink

GWB, thank you! That is a relief to me! I was worried, never saw that EVER before! I didn't want to ask my mom, last thing I need to do to her too is freak her out! So to all of you I went! & I am glad I did!

fabajenna, Thank you I read the first one & now I am going to read the second!

you are all so dear to me, so glad I found this place! Smile


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