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10/30/2011 02:31 PM

Lyme Disease or Parasite?

musclecar55Posts: 18
New Member

First symptom, mucous and phlegm in my mouth.

Four months later mucous and phlegm that started coming out of nose like sinus infection. Took 20 or so days of antibiotics, seem to get better but never did.

About seven months later, pressure and headaches in my head. Started to link it to food, thought it was some sort of Gluten intolerance.

Started eating gluten free food, helped a little but pressure in head and plegm still in my throat.

Nine months later, thought it was Candida, due to seeing headaches after eating carbohydrate gluten free foods. Did Candida diet, no sugar and got 80% better.

But later that month, got arthiritis/carpal tunnel in my hands and wrists. Burns right now for me to type this. Month later, went back to eating fruit and gluten free foods with carbohydrates, headaches and fatigue returned.

Ten months later, start having burning sensation in my abdominal region. GI thought it might be UC or Crohns, barium enema test suggested none of those.

Year later (now), still spitting out mucous/phlegm everday. Seem to always have a light pressure in my head, when I try to walk on treadmill it turns into headaches.

Went to see Osteopathic Doctor, suggested it might be parasite or candida. Did stool test and nothing showed. He suggested I take Humaworm anyways, stool tests are only 30% trackable for parasites.

Well I'm 9th day into Humaworm, yesterday I pretty much got a splitting headache and got fatigued. I went to bed for 5 hours right after waking up!

Main symptoms are headache, spitting phelgm/mucous out, fatigue, and burning sensation in my hands and wrists(carpal or arthirits.)

Other symptoms that come on and off are blurred vision, muscle spasms, burning dry eyes, sciatica, canker soars mouth and ear pressure.

I also have a low thyroid, high lipase level, mild inflamed pancreas. Never had bullseye rash.

I know there's different stuff that can cause this, but i think it's either a parasite or lyme. I'm about to order a lyme disease test this next week.

I think a big hint is being on the carbless diet that helped hugely, but then came the arthirits in my writs and hands. I know that both candida and parasites feed off of sugar and carbs, kind of heard the same about lymes, but I've only heard that from a few people on the internet.

All I know is, is I'm screwed up, I go from being a amateur natural bodybuilder and active sports person to a nothing. How do I go about getting treatment when nothing shows up on blood work and none of these tests? How do I even convince a doctor?

I've been to 10 doctors so far, GIs, ENTs, MDs, and Allergists. All wanted to treat the symptoms invidually with drugs. I already know better about that, I'm not going to mask my symptoms. I want the source of the problem out of my body!!!!

Any help or suggestions on what this could be is much appreciated! I'm also a fisherman and outdoormen, so lymes is a big chance. I thought about going to a infectious disease doctor, but I figured I'd get the same reaction like the other doctors, saying it could be just in your head when tests come back negative.

I'm still taking Humaworm, 9th day, I'm definitely going to complete the month program. But I have a feeling that herbs are not strong enough for what problem I have! I will see what the lymes test says...

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10/30/2011 03:37 PM
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Hi musclecar-

Have you been tested yet for lyme?

Do you have a llmd, or have you posted in the Doctor Request forum here yet so we can find you one?

I will say that one month on a Candida diet will not do much to be rid of can take years for some..and the fact that your symptoms returned and worsened after reintroducing fruits/gluten free foods into your diet is another sign of it.

You could have been experiencing die off from the Candida when you were having the carpal tunnel in your hands and wrists...Babesiosis is another infection that could cause that.

I'm glad you are doing the parasite cleanse, your osteopath was smart to get you on that. Will he do a Western Blot test on you?


Main symptoms are headache, spitting phelgm/mucous out, fatigue, and burning sensation in my hands and wrists(carpal or arthirits.) Other symptoms that come on and off are blurred vision, muscle spasms, burning dry eyes, sciatica, canker soars mouth and ear pressure. I also have a low thyroid, high lipase level, mild inflamed pancreas. Never had bullseye rash.


These to me, can be Candida, lyme and two coinfections, Bartonella and Babesiosis...

If you can get tested for these, I think you'll be heading in the right direction.

Please don't lose your faith in the bodybuilding and all that you find enjoyable...hold them in your mind and they will give you strength throughout this journey.

Blessings to you.


10/30/2011 04:46 PM
Posts: 1822
Senior Member

Hi again...I'm sorry, I forgot!Blush

Raven has stated that these could be some mycoplasma symptoms, and since she has it, that's another thing for them to test /clinically diagnose for.

It wasn't one of my co-infections, so I'm not that familiar with it, but I promise to start researching it more... thank you Raven!Tongue

If you haven't already, please post in the Doctor Request forum to get some help in finding a llmd.

Blessings all..


10/30/2011 04:59 PM
Posts: 901

Just so you know, it doesn't have to be an option between parasite OR lyme disease. Up to 80% of those of us with Lyme disease will end up getting parasites. You could very well have BOTH. You need to see a LLMD and get tested for lyme disease, co infections AND parasites.

After that the doctor might test you for parasites, but the reality is, parasite testing is unreliable and it's best to just assume you have them and treat them while treat lyme disease (assuming you have it)

Another thing, lyme disease is a clinical diagnosis. A blood test may not come back positive, that doesn't mean you don't have lyme disease, it just means that your immune system is fighting it and the test isn't showing that you have it, but that's very deceptive.

It's important you get a Western Blot test by Igenex as this is one of the most reliable tests you can get for lyme disease. If your doctor wants to give you and ELISA test, you're seeing the wrong doctor, find another one.

If you see a LLMD he/she will order you a Western Blot test but will not depend fully on that for diagnosing you. Your diagnosis will be based on your symptoms and, other blood tests, to see if your body has an infection or other abnormalities that will indicate if you possibly have lyme disease.

I have LD and parasites both. I'm being treated for both. if you have parasites and LD you MUST treat the parasites if you're going to get better. Treating lyme disease without treating parasites is not going to get you better because parasites poop in your body (gross, I know) and carry all kinds of diseases that cause infections, and as long as your body is infested with parasites you can't effectively treat lyme disease.

Treating parasites is usually what the more up-to-date LLMD/ND's are doing prior to treating lyme. We're seeing people who have been on abx for years and not gotten better finally getting better because they're being treated with antiparasitics drugs. To learn more about this google Dr.Eva Sapi and you can read her research on this. Also, the famed lyme doctor, Dr. Klinghardt, has come to realize that the key to beating lyme disease is getting rid of parasites first.

The best advice I can give you is to not look at lyme disease and parasites as two different diseases. If you have LD, you most likely have parasites, and both need to be addressed and treated. The best person to diagnose you is a LLMD who has experience in treating both LD and parasites.

I encourage you to see a LLMD soon so you can get diagnosed and get started on the appropriate treatment. The longer you put this off (assuming you do have LD) the harder it's going to be to treat it. Plus, the pain and misery you're going to go though with this disease is going to be pure hell. This is one evil disease, don't mess with it or it will mess you up BIG time.

By the way, do you recall ever being bit by a tick or a mosquito possibly? If so, how long ago was it? Keep us posted and if you need a LLMD please request one and someone will be along to PM you a list of LLMDs in your area.

We are here for you, stick around and let us know how things go for you. If you have questions feel free to ask.


10/30/2011 05:29 PM
Posts: 2673
Group Leader

musclecar- As you stated, many illness/diseases can cause your symptoms. Like Kim said, I also have/had many of the same symptoms you have.

I can't tell you for sure what it is you are dealing with but you might want to look into Morgellon's. I am suffering from this, although I do not have all the classic signs & symptoms. 2 things are a given with Morgellon's, Mycoplasma (esp. M. Fermentans) & HHV-6. Morgellon's is not so mysterious once you start educating yourself on it.

Intestinal parasites are a major issue in LD & Co. (including Morgellon's) Testing is a waste of time & money, unless an LLMD will do an ultrasound on your stomach. I have stated how to rid your system of I.P. by using food grade, 35% H2O2. Do a search on here & you will see how to do the protocal.

As with LD & Co., you need to be very aware of endocrine system (esp. thyroid & pituitary) when dealing with Morgellon's. Oh & FYI: I think Betty stated that 97%(?) of people with Morgellon's also have LD & Co.

10/30/2011 09:27 PM
musclecar55Posts: 18
New Member

"Have you been tested yet for lyme?"

No, but I will soon though. Plan on using Igenex.

"You could have been experiencing die off from the Candida when you were having the carpal tunnel in your hands and wrists...Babesiosis is another infection that could cause that."

I don't think so because my hands and wrists were getting worse when I was on the candida diet. When I reintroduced carbs, I of course got my headaches back, but my hands and wrists got better. But they are still burning though, before on the candida diet I couldn't move them. Even my Osteopatch said it's not candida when the stool test showed no sign of candida. Just not sure what it is.

Anyways, thanks for everyone's input. I just hope I find the source of the problem soon, it's already been a year.

When you take a man's job away from him, along with all of his hobbies. The only thing left in life for me now is having loved ones. I can see how many commit suicide with this problems such as these, I've always been a fighter, so I'm never going to give up! I just feel sorry for people who have!

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10/30/2011 10:06 PM
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Please know that a neg. Candida test does not mean you do not have it. A person with known systemic candida can be laying in the hospital dying with it & 9/10 tests will come back neg.

Is your tongue white, sticky & dry? Guess what, you have it!!! If you were on a candida diet and the symptoms got worse, that means you were experiencing die off & herxing from the toxins. Resuming a regular diet & having the symptoms go away, just means the symptoms are being masked.

Please know there are many illnesses that can cause Carpal Tunnel, esp. endocrine disorders. I have had surgery 3 times (2x's L. hand, 1x R. hand) before I figured out was really causing all the issues.

Any LD & Co. infection can be the cause of this due to their ability to invade your Lymph Nodes & attack you endocrine system.

10/31/2011 05:01 PM
musclecar55Posts: 18
New Member

"Please know that a neg. Candida test does not mean you do not have it. A person with known systemic candida can be laying in the hospital dying with it & 9/10 tests will come back neg."

Well not sure what to do then about Candida, carbless diet is impossible. It's not even probable! It's not healthy and your system can't function without carbs.

Lots of people that claim they do it for 6 months are liars, especially heavy set people that claim to be on a carbless diet on the internet. I did it for a month lost 20-30 pounds.

I got all constipated and had burning in my intestinal regions, during which I developed arthritis in my wrists and hands. I was even on psylium husk and drinking plenty of water, yet still got constipated. Even tried Cascara!

I have never gotten constipated, diarrhea, arthritis or pains in my intestines until I went on the Candida diet. It took away my headaches but created other problems!

It's easy to get rapped up in all these sicknesses. You and I can't just go on guessing, saying you have this and that because of symptoms. Truth is all these: candida, parasites, and lyme have similar symptoms.

I went to a few nut balls (Alternative Medicine) 5 months ago, saying that I have Candida without even doing tests, they used their kinesiology crap.

I didn't even know what alternative medicine was until I ran into these folk. I'm open minded individual, believe in the paranormal.

But it was obvious what these Doctors were doing, trying to get me in every week checking my diet and charging me $100 a week for a checkup and supplements.

They didn't even suggest doing a stool test, but they were yep you got this. That's is total bad practice!

It's obvious that there are many MD doctors and natural medicine doctors and alternative doctors that can take advantage of us, plain and simple.

Especially after seeing what the medical system has done to the economy! I still believe it could possibly be Candida, but I just don't have the arsonal to go against fighting it even if I did.

There's not one doctor in Michigan that's going to give me antifungals without a test that proves it's there. I understand doing a low carb diet can help (which I'm on) and taking natural anti fungals, which I've been taking for months haven't seem to knock it out.

It's pretty frustrating trying to find an in-between Doctor, between the high and mighty MD Drug Doctors and Alternative Doctors. I'm currently seeing Dr. Z,(osteopathic), he's great and informative.

He believes I might have a parasite, but said I don't have candida because it didn't show up in the stool test. He even said, when I get problems go to the Emergency room.

Well I've done that, over five times, not one Doctor helps, they say all we can do is treat your pain symptoms.

Also seen many specialty Doctors. All of them just push me to other Doctors for each individual problem, exactly what Dr. J said in this video here

I'm not sure what else I can do now. I've been in perfect health all my life, I'm a natural bodybuilder, all of sudden come with one health problem and am stumped how all Doctors are denying me and saying they can't do anything.

I wish I could find a Doctor that would let me try treatments such as Antibiotics or Antifungals! See which one is effective.

Anyways, just got Lyme Disease blood work done, keep you guys posted. Health system is fucked up, never knew it was this bad (since I was always perfect health.)

I guess just add me as another statistic to (it's all in your head group.) lol

I appreciate your help, I'm not sure where we'd be without each others help and the internet.

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llmd names deleted; you may show LAST INTIAL only on public board. bettyg, llmd coordinator/leader

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10/31/2011 08:57 PM
Posts: 372

I do understand what you are saying about the carb diet being hard to do but do you understand what a herx is?

IF it is working you will have worse issues such as the pain ... IF the diet was working the body gets flooded with everything that is dying and you get worse for some time after.

Feeling better when you went back to your regular diet to me shows your carb free diet was probably working... really as crazy as it sounds if you made your way to this group feeling worse is a blessing!

NOT to say that yeast is what is wrong with you but to herx means something bad in you is dying!

Good luck, & I hope you figure it out soon!

10/31/2011 10:15 PM
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I agree with Jomomma on this one. If you felt like crap on a Candida diet, it's because the infection was being starved. LD & Co. thrives on sugar. Take it away & it has nothing to feed of of.

Also, that whole, "A person can't live with out carbs" thing isn't really true. I have sever Hypoglycemia due to a lifelong, unDX, endocrine disorder, so I know a little about nutrition.

A person needs 3 things to survive...

1. water

2. protein

3. fat

When a person eats carbs the body does not absorb them. What happens is the carbs break down into simple surgars & the body then turns that sugars into fat.

I think it's every 7 grams of carbs = 1 gram of fat. (?) What the real issue is when dealing with a Candida Diet is you want to stay away from the simple carbs (refined sugers, alcohol, dairy) & if you are going to eat them, eat complex carbs sparingly instead.

Another thing you need to know is a Candida diet will alkalize your body helping it restore it's immune system. This in turn will help you fight off the infections you have or any new ones introduced to your immune system.

I think what it really comes down to is, "How sick & tired of being sick & tired, you really are." Trust me. I'd love to sit down & eat a big ol' chunk of chocolate cake or what not but in the end, sooner or later, I will end up paying for it.

It's like I tell anyone with LD & Co. who asks me, "You can eat/drink whatever the hell you want. Just remember, in the long run, you're not doing yourself any favors by eating all that crap."


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