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10/20/2011 10:28 PM

bullseye appears is it always lyme/tick related?

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My 9yr old daughter came in from playing in southern Oregon (Applegate Valley) this past summer and had a large "Bulls eye" on her leg. Darker small puncture surrounded by red mark the size of a quarter then a larger approx-3" white circle with red ring around the edge of that. (which seemed to resemble pictures of Deer tick bites)

It was a bit swollen and warm to the touch but she felt no pain and showed no signs of discomfort. Iced it and checked her for fever in the following days but nothing else came up. Niether a tick or head of tick could be located on her at the bite or sting area - although we had found numerous larger brown (Dog ticks) on all of us that walked into the forest during our vacation.

Being a concerned parent I took her to the local Paramedic/ Fire Station to inquire and have them take a look at the mark or bite on her leg and they were quite sure it was something else other then a tick bite - but lm not sure and am wondering if i should have her checked out more.

Are there other insects that leave the "Bulls Eye" pattern in that area of Oregon?

Thanks in advance for any advise.


10/21/2011 12:31 AM
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welcome dad Wink

so glad you were diligent going to search for answers, by the emts/fire dept. were NOT on the ball unfortunately.

to my knowledge, ONLY LYME DISEASE IS ASSOCIATED WITH A BULLS-EYE RASH; we also don't have to have a bulls-eye rash; it can and does look like many other rashes.

i'll be copying/pasting a brief welcome here, but please go to top of support forum and read my WELCOME LETTER withthe sticky pin on left side of the post.

go down to LYME FACTS comments and print off dr. corson's KIDS EVALUATION which is lengthy, but describes the ENTIRE BODY and which diseases are associated with those body parts.

am i understanding you right that she has NO SYMPTOMS TO DATE? if so, lucky her!!

if she is having symptoms as outlined in the KIDS EVALUATION LINK, post immediately in LLMD REQUEST FORUM, the instructions in my post below.

fyi, NO LYME LITERATE MDS, LLMDS, IN OREGON! you have some naturalpaths, but your state was the 1st state that state health depts and idsa, infectious disease drs, turned in OUR ilads, international lyme associated disease drs, who treat LONGER THAN 4 WEEKS OF ANTIBIOTICS, SUPPLEMENTS, AND ALTERNATIVES.

they were all run out of your state unfortunately.

there are a 1-2 KIDS LLMDS in your area; 46 exist NATIONWIDE! many have age limits too.



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The most important things are at the top; MUST READ and print off as mentioned there already to start your lyme/co-infection journey with us all.

The 1st things to do are:


• Post in LLMD REQUEST FORUM for a LYME LITERATE md; see my welcome letter and the INSTRUCTIONS there if you are SPECIALLY FROM CALIF. Where it's broken down into 8 NAMED AREAS.

• You'll need to give me my calif. NAMED area where you live in the areas shown there in SUBJECT LINE plus if it's for ADULT or a child; we need age of CHILD; some llmds have AGE restrictions.

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• Also, I'll need the following info in your request post:

in your llmd request, please EDIT and add more info ok.

Are you UNDER AGE 21;; if yes, I need your age shown as some of our llmds have AGE RESTRICTIONS; thanks!

how long you've been sick

if you've tested for lyme/co-infections;

which labs doing work for which specific test, etc.

did you have western blot igm/igg done by igenex?

if yes, what were the POSITIVE & INDETERMINDED numbers; NOT negatives.

thanks for understanding; just EDIT your post.

you can find all by going to left MY DISCUSSIONS, click on it.

after you add more, i'll send you names ok.

just send me a PRIVATE MESSAGE left side, giving me the direct link to come to here, and i'll send you the names ok big thanks.

Betty's suggested posting guidelines:

Many of members have neuro lyme, and it is hard to read long solid block text and be able to comprehend; example, me, 42.5 yrs. neuro chronic lyme, so we are able to comprehend and read. Thank you for helping us help YOU Wink

please post in short paragraphs like you see below or look at a few other posts, but we neuro folks need them short.

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bettyg, llmd coordinator, head leader, IOWA activist

10/24/2011 08:36 AM
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Sent you a personal message. Hope you received it.

10/24/2011 09:20 AM
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Various ticks, mosqiutos, horse flies, fleas can all carry Lyme Disease and cause a bulls eye rash.

A bulls eye rash indicates being infected with Lyme.

Ring Worm which is not at all related to Lyme Disease, and is not an actual worm, has a similar appearance. Ring worm is not caused by a bite , and is more rough and scaley in appearance.

Good Luck

10/24/2011 10:15 AM
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~~~Hello jewelsdad,

~~~Re your "the local Paramedic/ Fire Station to inquire and have them take a look at the mark or bite on her leg and they were quite sure it was something else other then a tick bite."

~~~Those Bless-ed knuckleheads just sentenced you and your daughter to years or decades of unimaginable pain and suffering.

``` ~~~from my straight jacket~~~out on a limb~~~lookin like a cocoon~~~hangin by a thread~~~waitin for a butterfly~~~under the moon~~~Lovey Dovey~~~Mitchell ```

10/25/2011 11:50 AM
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Don't panic just yet. If she is not having any symptoms, that is fantastic news. I was able to handle being infected several times before I got any symptoms. It wasn't until that last one that just was too much for my body to handle. That is probably why I came down with all the symptoms within a matter of weeks and it totally debilitated me in one foul swoop.

Consult with a physician that is "Lyme literate" and associated with International Lyme and Associated Diseases to see what is best for your daughter. Don't beat yourself up just yet. Just do what is best now.

All my best,

Sending you some info by personal message.

10/26/2011 06:06 PM
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I also don't know of any other disease that causes a bulls eye

10/26/2011 07:02 PM
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I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has taken the time to reply. While my daughter has no symptoms as of yet its good to know there is help out there should something arise. I will try to find a Doctor that can test her for Lyme.


10/26/2011 08:05 PM
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~~~Hello William,

~~~Please find a LLDr, not JUST a "Dr", now while it is relatively early but getting later every minute. If you wait until "should something arise", which can take weeks to years, your daughter may become severely ill.

~~~An untrained, non-LLDr, non-Lyme Literate Dr, will view a Lyme Disease test according to "standard" false IDSA or ambiguous CDC Guidelines and declare an ILADS guidelined positive test as "negative".

~~~Countless multiple thousands, including so many of us here, and me, have made this very mistake and deeply regret it. This can be a very serious Disease and many have suffered for years or decades or a lifetime, and many have even died from it.

~~~Your daughter may be lucky and escape the ravages of this disease, BUT, do you want to take that risk?

~~~Please forgive me if this frightens you, as it should.

``` ~~~from my straight jacket~~~out on a limb~~~lookin like a cocoon~~~hangin by a thread~~~waitin for a butterfly~~~under the moon~~~Lovey Dovey~~~Mitchell ```

11/23/2011 03:32 PM
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Hello all,

Just a quick heads up.. Started blood work today and should have results by next week.

Happy Thanksgiving,



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