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10/09/2011 06:06 PM

3 1/2 years into treatment-sicker than ever

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I am 3 1/2 years into treatment with a LLMD and I am sicker than when I started. I am curently fighting a horrible candia infection, lyme fog, arthritis in my hands/finger, my right leg is locking up (ankle specifically). My memory is non exhistant. Pain level is at 8-10.

I do not understand things anymore, including when I talk to the nurse at the LLMD's office. I get angry very easily and tired quickly. My quality of life pretty much sucks.

Between allergies, rashes, aches, pains, lack of sleep, sleep walking, getting lost when I drive, my God, I could go on for days...

The depression is at an all time high,or should I say low, and I literally have nothing to look forward to. Suicide is a constant temptation. God, if I could only clean my house I would feel better to do it.

I am not reaching out for help, I am just wondering if anyone else has been on a serious antibiotic protical for over 3 years and gotten no where. I feel like my body is giving up. I am bloated, bruise easily, tire easily, and my balance is horrible.

I cannot tolerate anymore pills. I live alone and no one will give me an IV antibiotic. I have 2 dogs and horses at home that I barely manage to take care of. Can I be hospitalized if I go on the IV? IS it worth it? I have herxed so many time that I would rather die than go through a bad herx again,

Sorry to dump but the choices are getting slim. My mood swings have caused even those that love me (my parents) to stay away. I feel like they have abandonded me and have given up any hope of me getting better.

I am going with a new LLMD that is closer who uses holistic approach but I doubt I will be able to afford the herbs etc.

So sick and tired of being sick and tired,


10/09/2011 07:04 PM
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Your situation really hits me.

Have you not felt better in any aspect since being on this protocol?

How long have you actually been suspected of having Lyme Disease?

Somethings not right.. I feel there is a missing link and it's costing you this unnecessary burden

10/09/2011 07:19 PM
waxbyPosts: 4811
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~~~Hello tb,

~~~I'm still treating my Lyme Complex for twelve years now.

~~~Finally, I have stopped the progression. This is my miracle ...

~~~Even though I have been, and still am, after a lifetime, over 40 years, of normal mobility, confined in my house, sunshine what is that?, and to a 24/7/365 electric recliner, peeing in a bottle.

~~~I wish there were a way I could help you ...

```~~~from my straight jacket~~~out on a limb~~~lookin like a cocoon~~~hangin by a thread~~~waitin for a butterfly~~~under the moon~~~Lovey Dovey~~~Mitchell ```

10/09/2011 07:32 PM
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Have you treated Bart?

Many of your symptoms sound like Bart.

Going to pray for you.

10/09/2011 07:36 PM
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I will pray for you...not only that your health will improve but that God will bring you comfort and strength. I will also pray that God will bring comfort and support from the people in your life.

God hears your cries. He counts your tears and feels your pain. Lean on Him!

10/09/2011 08:49 PM
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Sounds like where I was at over two years ago. I was ready to give up and lost all hope of surviving this disease. That's when I decided to quit abx and go the natural route. Best decision I ever made regarding my treatment. For the record, I am not anti-anti-biotics, but had I stayed on them I would most likely not be writing this post to you.

Maybe you need to consider going the natural route. Abx don't work for everyone. They didn't work for me. I'm about 80% better now and doing things I couldn't do two years ago. I may never get to 100% due to the late dx and the damage that was done, but let me tell you, being at 80% is pretty nice.

Listen to your body and do what you think is best for you. I believe you can get better. Don't lose hope! I'm praying for you too.


10/09/2011 09:10 PM
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I'm with Gary on this. I've made more progress since coming off abx than I did while on. You have to do what's right for you. I'm not even close to 80% like he is, but so much better than I was 6 months ago.

Still have many days I don't wake up and I don't drive very often. I couldn't live w myself if I hurt someone.

You're in my thoughts.

10/09/2011 09:16 PM
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Hi Tbrider, what is wrong with your doctors? Why are they continuing on this course with you when it's not working? Sometimes I really have to shake my head at our doctors and wonder what they're trying to do.

I was approx. 6 years begging my GP to help me and in those first 6 years I tried every kind of treatment available to help with the pain. Nothing worked.

Then, by some miracle, my aunt phoned one day and told me about this Homeopathic Doctor her friend had been treated by. It took another 9 months of being on the wait list but finally I saw her.

She was the miracle. And even though it took me years to even begin to trust her, eventually I did until finally my health started to get better. Now I trust her more then I'd ever trust a doctor.

My doctors "diagnosed" me with Fibromyalgia but this homeopath diagnosed me correctly within the first year with Lyme ... I live in Canada so our doctors can't treat it.

I believe your plan to go with a new LLMD will make a huge difference to your health. I'm not anti-antibiotics either if they make you feel better, but holistic meds are easier on your body and I believe in the long run healthier.

I have to admit, I'm 4 years into my treatments with my Heilkunst Homeopath and I still vent and ask for help when I need it. Don't feel bad for asking, it's why we're all here together.

I hope and pray the new LLMD will help you feel better and you get your miracle soon as well.

lots of hugs,


10/10/2011 04:33 AM
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I'm an Advocate

rider, what state do you live in?

please post in llmd requst forum

subject: adult & show name of your state in this area please Wink

copy/paste your link of this post there....thanks.

i'll help you as much as possible letting you know who/where llmds are in your state IF ANY.

a reminder to have the 1-800 suicide no. by each phone in your home please to talk to trained professionals ok. forums/general-support/157338-suicide-prevention-hotline

lots of good other info in this link as well.

moody swings; what depression pill are you on? i'm on xanax 1/2 pill for my mood swings; really helps me.

thinkign and praying for you; ask god or whoever you believe in to reach out and carry duringthis time. hugs to you.

bettyg, head leader, llmd coordinator, iowa activist

10/10/2011 07:15 AM
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Can you let us know what natural remedies and supplements you use?


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