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10/09/2011 05:17 PM

Coil machine chart

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Begin forwarded message:

From: alex levy

Date: October 2, 2011 6:21:36 PM EDT


Subject: Doug Coil References


Hello David,

I was very happy to talk to you and learn that the "Experimental Doug Coil Machine"  has allowed you to make successful experiments.

Here is the information you requested:

The following information is based on my experience, both as an ex-patient of Lyme and as a Manufacturer.

For the past 6 years I have been asked to manufacture over 350 Doug Coil Machines.

Here is some hard data you might find interesting:




I hope that the following information convinces you that my Doug Coil Machine has better Quality, Customer Service and Performance than cheaper Coil Machines.

1-.Professionally designed by a Doctor in Engineering

2-.Professionally built by 6 trained technicians

3-.Independent Professional Quality Control System

3- User Friendly

4-.Reliable, with a 3 year warranty on labor and parts

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to answer them.

I send you my best regards,

Dr.Alex Levy Engineering PhD



r phone information for yourself.

Both Doug Maclean and Bryan Rosner have bought a Doug Coil Machine from me. You can see them in videos at the end of this link:

you can see in the following link a demonstration of my Doug Coil Machine by Thane, he was the coordinator of the Rife_and_Lyme support group, showing how easy it is to operate.


Here are two typical emails I received stating opinions about the Doug being the most effective of all Rife Machines:


Hi Alex....have been wanting to reply to your email but my fatigue is overwhelming me. Take a peek at the post below by XXXXXXXXX. I was using the search engine on this forum and came upon xxxx post. This is the post that caused me to FINALLY pick up the phone and call you. There are dozens and dozens of posts just like hers. The other machines just don't "do it".

I feel very confident in my purchase. Smile I would however like you to re-design the Alex Levy Doug Coil so that I can fit it in my purse. Could you begin working on that right away? Great! Thanks!

I'm sending you good thoughts Alex.

Take care,



I started with an EMEM and I had some really strong herxing in the beginning.  I did get somewhat better with it, but it seemed that I got to a point where I could run it and run it and not get a herx from it.  My Lyme symptoms are not totally resolved and it seemed like the EMEM quit working.  I also have an Atlier Robin that has Cylinders that you hold that I can take when I fly.  I don't find that it is strong enough either.  I recently purchased a Coil machine and am herxing on 30 seconds of Rifing.  It seems to be reaching stuff that the EMEM could not get to.  As far as safety is concerned, I had to run the EMEM so much longer then I do the coil.  Sometime I was running the EMEM for a half hour or more several times a day.  Though the Doug is 700 times stronger, you are only exposed for a very short time 5 minutes max and only when you have really reduced your lyme load with short sessions.  As far as what Shep said about the safety of the machine.  You must weigh out the risk benefit factor and decide for yourself if the risk is worth the benefit.   It is also unsafe to sit in front of computers, TVs and cell phones, my mother told me when I was a child to not sit too close to the color TV because of the radiation so this is nothing new.  Yet here we all are staring at computer screens getting our daily EMF dose.

 If you look at the files on which Rife machines were rated the best for killing Lyme from the old Lyme and Rife group, the Doug machine was at a 9 or a 10 out of 10 while the GB 4000, Atlier Robin, and EMEM were rated as a 6 for killing Lyme.  I have owned 5 different types of machines and I have been treating Lyme for over three years. I owned a Photon Genie, an EMEM, a LifeForce 2000, an Atlier Robin and now the Doug Coil.   I personally believe that the Doug is going to be the one to finish the job.  I wish that I had just invested in the Doug in the first place and not wasted my money trying other machines that did not work out for me.  I hope this information helps.


--- End forwarded message ---

Bryan Rosner made a survey of machine users in 2004: As shown in the following comparison table they rated the Doug Coil as being the top most effective machine to fight Lyme







These are subjective ratings of rife machines for the use on Lyme. These ratings are for Lyme, not other conditions. These ratings are a collection of personal opinions from many people, based on personal use and anecdotal information. These ratings are not gospel, science, or fact.  There may be several variations of some of these machines--no attempt has been made to differentiate between all the variations.


I had Lyme since 1994 and for 10 years traditional medicine did not help me. Therefore, I manufactured myself a Doug Coil Machine 5 years ago and cleared my Lyme in one year from my optic nerve and my brain.

I have been manufacturing Doug Coil Machines for 5 years and now there are several hundreds of them being used all over the US, Canada, Europe and Australia.

In 2004 I read Bryan Rosner's Book "Lyme and Rife Machines", and learn that there are three basic types of Rife Machines:

1-. Contact Machines like the GB400, 2-. Radiant Machines like the EMEM and 3- Magnetic machines like the Doug Coil Machine.

After Rosner published his book, a year ago the DP100 was introduced.This 4th type of machine is an electrostatic machine

I have a PhD in Engineering and over 10 years experience doing research with Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) on the human brain, so I could have chosen to build any of these 3 types of Rife Machines.

However, I decided to cure myself with the Doug Coil Machine because it has now a 19 year track record as the most powerful and effective machine to fight Lyme.

This greater effectiveness of the Coil Machine can be explained from the engineering point of view as follows:

1-. The contact machines use a very small amount of electric power, only 10 watts, and force an electric current to pass through your body affecting the bacteria cells but also every healthy cell of your body. You can not increase the power because you start having muscle spasms and skin burns at the contact points. So their effectiveness is limited.

2-. The radiant machines use only about 100 watts of electric power, which seems more than the contact machines.However, this power is emitted by the plasma tube in every direction, just as the sun heats the whole earth, so its radiated power goes wasted to the back wall, the roof, the floor, etc., and only about 10% falls on your body, or about 10 watts of the radiation. Dr. Rife used a special plasma tube that had metallic electrodes inside the plasma that focused the radiation more forwards than backwards. Present plasma tubes do not have this focusing electrodes.

 A second fact that reduces their effectiveness is that the energy is radiated in the infra-red frequencies as heat, in the visible light frequencies and in radio-frequencies. Therefore, much of the energy that reaches your body does not have the correct frequency to kill the Lyme spirochete, which was found by Doug Maclean to be very specific frequencies like 306,432,612 Hertz, etc. , not heat or visual light frequencies.

You can not increase the power, because you would start interfering with the radio-frequencies used in radio and TV equipment.

3-. The magnetic coil uses a power amplifier of 1850 watts and produces a very strong magnetic field, that oscillates exactly at the frequency you select in a frequency generator, and comes out of the coil just in the area in front of it; much like a beam of light comes out of a flashlight so it is not wasted in every direction.Doug Maclean,who invented this machine, recommends a coil with a magnetic strength of at least 100 Gauss. You can read his public afidavit on the validation of the Doug Coil Machine as well as video clips from  by Doug Maclean and Bryan Rosner and see at this link:

About 40% of my clients had a contact or a radiant machine before buying my Doug Coil Machine: they told me that those machines decreased the Lyme symptoms but did not have the power to destroy the Lyme spirochete. So after months of trying decided to go for the most effective machine. I have many post from the internet verifying this fact.

4-.Recently, after Rosner published his book,  the DP100 was introduced about a year ago.


The DP100 has been heavily promoted since it was introduced about one year ago as the "Doug Plus" Machine. These claims were so outrageous that about 300 members of the Lyme_Rife group, left it and founded the Lyme_and_Rife support group: this happened because there were endless discussions with the manufacturer that were ignored by the moderator, who finally became a promoter of the "Doug Plus" machine renaming it the DP100: you can check this by yourself looking at postings for the past 2 years.

The main 3 issues were that,

1) there is zero magnetic field: absolutely no magnetic field is being produced in the DP100. The oscillating magnetic field is a basic property of the Doug Coil.

 2) Both, Dr. Royal Rife back in the 1930's and Doug MacLean in the 1980's  found that each bacteria has a specific frequency that will kill it, other frequencies are useless. The DP100 does not produce steadily the frequency that were found to destroy the Lyme bacteria: instead it produces a random frequency, much like noise in your radio or TV, that is constantly changing its frequency: this is in contrast to the Doug Coil Machine which produces steadily just the frequency that has been found to destroy the Lyme spirochete.

3) At that time the claims of superiority, "or being Plus" were based on 2 or 3 persons who were close friends of the manufacturer and who had used the DP for a few months: the Doug Coil has been used by thousands over the past 20 years. Promoting it a "The Dog Plus" was seen as an abuse on the name of Doug MacClean who invented the Doug Coil almost 20 years ago .

Again, you can check the story of what happened in the internet postings.


Some persons are concerned that without technical training the machine might be difficult to operate: you can see in the following link a demonstration of my Doug Coil Machine by Thane, he is the coordinator of the Rife_and_Lyme support group, showing how easy it is to operate.

There are several hundreds of my Doug Coil Machines now being used by old persons, young persons and "brain fog" persons. ALL of them think it is a very user friendly machine and have no problem using it.


The Doug Coil Machines I manufacture are made in an assembly line with 4 technical assistants each with  many years of work experience. Also there is an additional Quality Control assistant who does the final testing of the machine. This testing takes 2 days puting the machine through several cycles of operation, heating tests, vibration test and testing it at every frequency used in the 20 to 2112 Hertz frequency range.

Here are some of the extra care taken to manufacture a top of the line Doug Coil Machine:

1-. Special extra electrical insulation at critical high voltage circuitsSadavoids short circuits)

2-.Silver based solder used in every electrical connectionSadavoids corrosion in connections)

3-. Built in cooling fans for the electronic componentsSad avoids overheating, increasing life)

4-. High quality Ampermeter built in: (more accurate reading of the coil's electric current )

5-. Magnetic intensity tested with Gauss-meterSad guarantees Doug's recomendations)


When I had Lyme and was using the standard Doug Coil, I noticed that it heated up in a few minutes to the point that you could not handle it and had to stop the treatment. I needed to treat my optic nerve and head, so I invented a magnetic coil that has the required magnetic strength but also has cooling slits, cooling vanes, a fan that blows air through the coil keeping it cool and a plastic transparent shield in front of the coil, so I could place it right next to my face.

This Air-Cool-Coil technology has the following advantages:

1-. Safer operation: (you do not burn yourself)

2-.Longer running timesSad under 612 Hertz unlimited running time, at 100Hz 15 min)

3-.Strong magnetic fieldSad 150 Gauss strength at the plastic shield)

I send you my best regards,

Dr. Alex Levy Engineering PhD


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10/10/2011 04:44 AM
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hi dave,

would you edit and break up those LONG, LONG paragraphs you copied/pasted above? thanks my friend.

bettyg, head leader, iowa activist, llmd coordinator

10/10/2011 05:17 AM
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glad you recovered dave dont ever stop using that coil though even though im over the lyme i dont dare stop using it even if its every two weeks i still use it.


10/10/2011 05:29 AM
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dave and steelers,

check on the board; someone just joined and was asking about RIFE galore.

it was buried down in their intro or support; can't remember since i've read so many since coming on here.

thanks guys.


bettyg, head leader, llmd coordinator, iowa activist

10/10/2011 01:59 PM
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Thank you so much for this info.

It was the first thing I wanted to do when I found out this 15 year battle w illness was lyme. I have been treating it so far w bactrim for 4 mo.

I really want to purchase one but everyone that is suppose to be my support team is arguing w me about it because I have gotten a lot of bipolar symptoms, mostly bad depression, and they are scared of what the machine may do to that. any thoughts?

Can i also ask which on you got. I know one was the normal and then there is a new 3d version which is really up there in price?

Thanks and I cannot wait for you to be totally better!

10/10/2011 03:44 PM
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Im considered cure . Im off abx and have been coiling for almost 5 months. This machine saved me and my family. I was undiagnosed for 8 1/2 years and treated w/ Anitbiotics "ABX"

for 26 months. I have the 3D without the adapter .I can always up grade for the second adapter to get a stronger penetration .

10/10/2011 03:59 PM
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That is amazing! I am so happy for you!

10/10/2011 04:06 PM
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i actually have another question.

I know is more expensive than

There is no price on health but i am curious how and why you went w

09/29/2012 07:57 AM
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I read your posts here and I'm curious also to know why and how you chose coilmachine over dougcoilmachine.

Thank you


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