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10/04/2011 07:50 AM


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This is a great site to go into to put in all your symptoms and treatments. This is the type of site we need to prove symptoms in large numbers

it shows what the top treatments and symptoms are as well as a support group with friends, a symptom journal to track your progress.. i think this is a great site to help prove that the symptoms we feel is related to lyme. For those that think they have something else this site could also help them figure it out.


10/04/2011 02:55 PM

Do you have any idea who sponsors this site? Just wondering where my data might wind up

10/04/2011 03:38 PM
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hi; i thought this sounded familiar so i used our wonderful search feature and found a previous post.

to both of you, please read all the comments; thanks Wink forums/general-support/1487868-new-lyme-community-lyme- connect/limitstart/10

bettyg, group leader, iowa activist, llmd coordinator


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