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09/27/2011 02:19 PM

Hair loss

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I know this topic has been discussed many times before but maybe someone has learned some new information or something.

Let me first say that there is no doubt in my mind that my hair loss is due to the Lyme being killed.

How do I know? Well I am only 23 and hair loss isn't too big of a deal on both sides of my family.

I noticed the hair loss started when I started my protocol. (17 Weeks ago today)

I just got out of the shower and noticed the hair just falling out more so than any other time. Pinch

I can only attribute it to my increase of the Olive Leaf Extract.

Well, I'm not really looking for an answer but just kind of wanted to get it off my chest.

Hope everyone is doing all right!!


09/27/2011 08:12 PM
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I also agree to that. The more I do to treat the lyme the more my hair falls out. I looked it up and toxicity in the body can contribute to hair loss. So I suppose when we kill the bugs there are a lot of toxins in the body and it makes our hair fall out.

It makes sense to me. It does suck though. I hope I don't go bald.

09/28/2011 12:46 AM
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weasy, it's not only LYME BUT THYROID PROBLEMS TOO!!

have you had blood tests done on your thyroid lately? i'd do it.

i'm getting very thin; in a few more years, i'll be bald on top!Angry

bettyg, group leader, iowa activist, llmd coordinator

09/28/2011 07:21 AM
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Oh yeah, I forgot to mention mine has to do with hormone issues to because of a vaccine that is messing up my hormones now.

09/28/2011 08:24 AM

Weasy -- my hair used to be really thin and fall out a lot, but once I started on the chelated magnesium, it actually got thicker! It has stayed that way throughout my treatment for Lyme so far.

Worth a try ...

09/28/2011 10:44 AM
ZsuzsannaPosts: 202

Hi Weasy,

Yes, thyroid is definitely palying a big role in all of this. My thyroid is acting funny too lately and I quickly began supplementing in order kick it back up. Most of us

are dealing with hypothyroidism. This isn't so much about killing the lyme only, but having to find out where the nutritional defficiencies are. I have found that after one

year of kicking this, I'm low in this low in that, and have to constantly put the fire out before it spreads. That's what this disease does. Like this week, I feel like I'm hypoglycemic and need to balance my sugar with chromium.

But I must agree with you on the herxing bit. That will cause all sorts of funky stuff to happen. And my instincts tells me, these can correct themselves once our bodies are

freed up from constantly having to fight this infection. Our immune system is a little

upset with us right now!

Do get a thyroid test done for sure. It never hurts.

09/29/2011 01:31 PM
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Thanks everyone for the responses!

Sorry I haven't responded sooner but I have been major herxing lately.

I'm still waiting on this IGeneX test to come back and then I'll work on getting another thyroid test.

Thanks again everyone!!


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