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09/13/2011 12:17 PM

Has anyone had success using the Cowden Protocol

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I'm thinking about trying the Cowden Protocol, has anyone been cured or had great success with it?

09/13/2011 04:25 PM
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Lots of people claim to be doing quite well on the Cowden Condensed protocol. Dr. Cowden has a FB page where he personally answers questions himself from people who post questions. That's quite unheard of these days, but he actually answers the questions and not some representative doing it for him. It seems to be some people do very well on it while others just do OK and others not so great.

The newest "fad" to hit the Lyme world right now is the Byron White protocol. Have you looked into that? Many people are reporting positive results with it and a good number of LLMD's along with LLND's are using this in their practice as well. Might be worth checking it out. I plan to check into it more myself.

By the way, "cured" is a pretty strong word to use when talking about Lyme. Not sure we ever get cured of it unless we were fortunate enough to get treated within 3 months or so of the tick bite. If we get our immune system functioning at optional levels, we can lead a pretty normal life without to much difficulty. Good immune system, constant detoxing and a clean diet is what it's all about.


09/13/2011 04:34 PM
shorelinelymePosts: 1252
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I have done very well on samento and banderol....I do use these in conjunction with abx and rifing but have been so much better now that I am 2 years into this.

Samento and Banderol are a powerful combo and I started using these last summer (after 1 year of treatment) and had a very rapid improvement on these.


09/13/2011 05:32 PM
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Thanks for your replies. I'm now debating if I should do the Byron White protocol or the Cowden protocol.

09/13/2011 07:25 PM

My LLMD just put me on Samento, Noni, and Burbur in addition to abx and some other stuff.

Keep us posted on what you decide to do and how it works out!


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