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01/13/2008 05:37 AM

Under your skin, Lyme documentary

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I just got this email from my local Lyme disease group. Click on the link and watch the trailer.It is about us! I am so hopeful this film will be broadcast on public television in the future, I can only imagine what attention it can draw a lot to Lyme disease. Please distribute to everyone you know and make a donation to support the project if you can .(I have some friends that are independant film makers and I know how hard funding can be) Maybe there is anything we as a group can do together to support this project, any ideas. Maybe some kind of online silent auction. I am really willing to put in a lot of work to support this project.


From Kris:

We're very excited to announce that a 30-minute sample of our Lyme documentary, UNDER OUR SKIN, has put us in the running for the prestigious IFP “Award for Socially Conscious Documentaries.” In addition, we were awarded a screening slot at IFP Market, which will place the rough cut of our film in front of high-level broadcasters and distributors in September.

Interest in the film has been high, with packed fundraising screenings in five cities; a pitch meeting with HBO; and interviews with national publications such as The Washington Post, The Scientist, and Forbes (…well, we tried). And with President Bush's announcement that he's been treated for Lyme, and Michael Moore's SICKO film making health care an election issue, we feel the time is right for this film.

We're now in the homestretch for completing our rough cut for Sundance Festival submission, and we'd like to call on the Lyme disease community to help us out in this final sprint. Even if you're not able to financially assist us, please help us spread the word among your friends, family, and influencers, so we can create a groundswell of excitement for our upcoming screenings. (We've placed our 5-minute film trailer back on our main website, so that you can easily forward it via email.)

And thanks again for all your support and stories!!

Open Eye Pictures



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01/31/2008 02:13 PM
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UNDER OUR SKIN did NOT qualify for SUNDANCE; there's an update in ACTIVISM on if you are interested.

last I read too; they still need $10,000 to complete this.


03/18/2008 09:43 PM
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Hum, eating hamburgers and drinking cola, then they wonder why such a weak disease as Lyme can defeat their immune system. And instead of healthy living, they use antibiotics for YEARS.

I saw hundreds of Lyme patients already, they had one thing in common - their immune system was devastated before they had bacteria. Forestry workers nearly never get this disease, even after 1000 ticks.

Why I'm posting this? There is a big deal with this movie. Some people make billions of dollars already just by selling antibiotics. How much cost ABX? With such a movie, they will make legend of "uncurable Lyme" even more believable, and they will get more and more victims... and make more money...

In my country there is whole businnes around Lyme disease. Group of doctors do nothing but sell antibiotics and convice people that Lyme is deadly, nearly uncurable disease. Best part - most of their patients never had any test for Lyme, never had herx. They simply do not have lyme.

Once tuberculosis could be cured in 2 months with healthy lifestyle (if someone could affort it). Max Gerson was able to cure it in one month, check in wiki. Nowadays it require 3 years of very strong antibiotics. And bacteria did not changed...

03/18/2008 09:53 PM
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Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2008 10:26:47 -0700

Dear Friends,

We just received the very good news that a major U.S. film festival has accepted our film as a world premiere!

(Because the roster of films has not yet been announced, we cannot divulge the name of the festival. This will be forthcoming.)

Unfortunately, this means we cannot host a screening of the film prior to the festival world premiere. Doing so would make the film ineligible for the festival. So, we are forced to postpone our sneak preview--which we are now calling a "community premiere and launch party"--until Monday, May 12th. Same time. Same place.

You can find updated information about the event below. Be sure to act soon, because tickets are selling quickly.

For more information about the event and to purchase tickets, click here:

Thank you for your patience with this unexpected but auspicious change. As you can see, already the film is making a buzz. We look forward to turning the buzz into a roar!

The Open Eye Pictures Crew

If you are unable to view this graphic, or for more information, click here

MAY 12, 2008; same time/place!



For more information and to purchase tickets click here

go to site to view more; it would not copy below!


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03/19/2008 01:13 PM


may I respectfully ask what country youre from and if you dont believe that some people stay ill after 3-4 weeks of antibiotics then why are you posting here?

May I sadd that I am a person who not only tested positive AFTER almost a year of many abx but my SON too has many TBDs including Lyme and has done MANY types of treatment and STILL has infection!!

and I had bullseye rash with pos Lyme after 3 yrs of on and off treatment--and NO there was No chance I was bitten again!!

we do NOT eat the usual American hamburger cola diet.

I have been growing organic food for decades and when Im not well enough to plant, I buy organic--lots of fruits and vegetables and WHEAT FREE--little or no beef

healthy free range chicken and fish too--NO colas!!

you cannot lump all ill people into one group

YES many out there are trying to make money off of us and YES many are misdiagnosed--but far more are told it cant be Lyme and get far more damage to heart and nervous system!!

BUT there are MANY with "peristent"Lyme and many studies now show that the bacteria can hide and evade treatment and the immune system!

Spirochetes are one of the strongest and smartest of pathogens--look at syphilis and leptospirosis

a recent study taped some Lyme spirochetes swimming faster than they thought possible and it outran immune cells!!!

a recent autopsy of a young previous HEALTHY soldier who had Lyme and took MONTHS of abx and he died and still had spirochetes IN his heart!!!! explain that??

And yes bacteria DO change--they evolve to be reistant and stronger--look at MRSA --is that a myth too?? Malaria now resistant to many drugs??

where do you have your info about forestry workers?? I have info that many who work outside DO get it. Especially if theyre in areas where Lyme is high

we need to stick to truth and facts if we are all to find treatments that will help.


03/21/2008 01:17 AM
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Where I did stated that no one can be sick after so called "standard treatment"? Sure, some people can be sick even after 10 years of ABX. Mark the word "SOME". In this movie (and at some propaganda websites) people act like EVERYONE who ever had a tick should be treated with ABX for years. And facts remains the same - 95 persons of each 100 who have lyme disease should NOT be treated with ABX, because such treatment would do more ill than good. And I don't mean candida only, ABX can destroy health permanently.

SOME people should be treated with ABX, but its no reason to claim that its the only and the one treatment. Even more, many cases prove, that ABX is NOT the best therapy (even if we forget about side effects), because sometimes its simply not work.

About "healthy food" - sorry, but there is no such thing as "healthy chicken". There is no healthy milk, too, no healthy sunflower oil, no healthy butter, margarine, no healthy salt... sure, organic fruits and vegetables might help ALOT, but its not everything. Proportion of sodium and potasium (Na and K), proportion of omega 3 and omega 6 - they are essential. Elimination od every protein that might cause allergy reaction - sure, wheat is one (at least for some people), but chicken and every other animal protein also might cause problems that reduce efficiency of immune system.

OK, I will state it clearly - give me 10 people with proved, active and "uncurable" lyme, so I can cook food for them and keep their diet restrictive, teach them some meditation technics that help reduce stress, manage them to do some exercises - and after 2 months 8 of them will be completely cured.

If you think its impossible, check Wiki for "max gerson" and "tuberculosis". Its pretty famous thing, this guy cured more than 99% of terminal tuberculosis cases when this disease was known as "uncurable", just by specific diet. No one know how it works, yet its true. And guess what? Pharma industry never used it in any way, no one ever tried to make such experiment again, every doctor knew that tuberculosis can be cured with diet - yet they prescribed antibiotics. Nowadays docs don't even know that such thing happened in past, as its not the part of their education. There is no businnes in healing people with diet, because its FREE and pharma cannot make MONEY out of this. On ABX they will make alot, especially when 90% of patients will suffer from serious side effects, including osteoporosis, permanent brain damage, liver damage, destroyed kidneys...

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03/21/2008 04:52 AM
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Do you say that 90 % of patients that are treated with antibiotics will suffer from these serious serious side effects you are mentioning? Is this true for antibiotic treatment for any disease or just Lyme?

03/21/2008 05:42 AM
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I understand what Tomakin is saying - I don't think he/she (sorry, haven't looked at your profile yet) was saying is that people (in general) don't choose a healthy lifestyle first and then expect abx to sweep up a mess.

Fin, no need in getting upset - we are all helping each other. I don't think Tomakin's statement was about you or your diet.

Let's try to keep the negative posting away from this site - it's getting kind of LymeNet-ish around here!!!

I'm a firm believer that abx and many other medications don't get people well - but it's an opinion.

That's the beauty of this site - we can all get help on this site for whichever side of the coin that we are on!

03/21/2008 11:52 AM
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Let me rephrase something - I know abx can get people well but I also think that they cause damage to our systems. There's proof of that... I didn't mean to say they don't work!! Glad I re-read that! Wink

03/21/2008 12:14 PM

Hi Clayton

not upset at him--just refuting false statements

my "beliefs" are that there are no one size fits all tx for TBDs.

That some are better with abx and others on just alternatives and some on both

Im not anti anything UNLESS it has faulty science or misstated info/facts. Like if someone claims to have healed malaria in a country that I personally know it hasnt happened in! and so I am not on any "side of a coin". Im on the we must be able to intelligently bring forward information that will first not hurt anyone and second be somewhat plausible.

The grandiose broad statements about "all" or "most" when it may/may not be the case cant be acceptable anywhere...even here. And to say that the movie says EVERYONE will stay ill without abx as Tom did well, thats reverse and negative propaganda even more than what he accuses the film of!

The film ( and many of the advocates including myself) have NEVER claimed that the ONLY path for wellness out of the TBD rabbit hole are abx!! and his portrayal as such cannot be left for others to think "hmmm can this be true?"

The film is a vehicle to get the word out that MORE and better research of all types needs to be done about TBDs and how many have suffered at the hands of ALL-- Drs, Pharma and health gurus!!! The film makers are not trying to get rich off of Lymies as he hints


With such a movie, they will make legend of "uncurable Lyme" even more believable, and they will get more and more victims... and make more money...

right now many are incurable UNTIL and UNLESS we get research into what helps more than a few at a time. 3 are helped by Rife and hundreds arent ( or have to do it the rest of their lives)- 6 are helped by Salt/C and hundreds arent--while many lose kidneys. 2 get healed by energy/Reiki/etc but hundreds dont

I know a few Vegans growing their own organic foods still very ill with Lyme!!!

its been the same for over 15 yrs now--even with abx--a handful get great remissions after doxy with or w/o other rx...yet hundreds dont.a dozen try rifampin or Buhner or Cowden and do well--yet others fail on it

Tom calls for elimination of all animal protein?? Human evolution may have not included the large amounts of meats like we now consume BUT we are OMNIVORE and do require protein--that some find wellness with Veganism and using veggie protein is fine but that doesnt prove that a well balanced diet that has animal protein is harmful!!

and Im not a big fan of Pharma at all but I am as willing to say that many so called gurus out there suggesting easy cures and assuming some of us are ill because we dont eat right or the way THEY say we should are as misguided and making money off of us unethically too!

and just so you think I dont do my HW first here is what Gersons therapy supposedly was per Wiki as Tomtom suggested ( many other more valid articles but they were "negative"Wink

The Therapy is based on hyperalimentation, or flooding the body with bioavailable micronutrients from salt-free, fat-free, organic, vegetarian food, including 13 fresh-pressed fruit and vegetable juices daily. It is not solely a diet therapy, however.

Gerson also prescribed 56mg/day of iodine (as Lugol's solution), five grains of desiccated thyroid gland, daily B12 shots, coffee enemas, and other components as appropriate for the patient. END QUOTE

--"other components" that may have had antibacterial action or some other effect--no one knows what they were--maybe herbs???

so you see how for MANY that wont work??? ( Iodine allergy maybe??)and btw his study results were lost when he like other Jews escaped the Nazis so we dont really KNOW how successful he was.

Maybe he was onto something and maybe someone should look into it--BUT that doesnt make it the absolute cure all for the immediate.

Please dont classify a post as negative simply because I have provided refutation.and because I suggest we dont blindly embrace an alternative and rather look with a critical eye to make informed choices.

Tom claims he has seen hundreds of Lyme pts--even IF he has seen only 100 and cured his 80-90% where are these 80-90?? Wouldnt we have heard about that miracle? yet he is asking for 10 more to cure 8--hasnt he already then cured them?? if so...

I know Id be hiring him immediately for my kid!!

and for the record I went and spent a LOT of money at the prestigious Atkins Ctr for Complementary Med in NYC and was tested for everything known to man--and never came up "allergic" to protein--animal or otherwise and the great late Dr Atkins himself ( who consulted with me twice) obviously didnt believe in meat restriction. And my immune function-- while being affected by wheat and a few other foods I now avoid or limit--animal protein was not one of them!!!

we can certainly agree to disagree on some principals and on opinion based topics but if facts arent true then someone must point it out.

like some may think veganism is the way to go--and thats ok for them BUT if they said that animal protein is poison to the body, well Id have to say "prove it" and then -if faulty -Id show why it wasnt true.

My using caps was not yelling, simply emphasizing which is otherwise hard to do when typing as opposed to oral speech.

If you prefer italics I can try to learn how to do that instead.

and while I wasnt upset before, I am starting to be a little miffed that you would call a post "negative" for pointing out the very blatant statements in error of common sense and fact.And the ones that can be even more harmful to the "cause" of finding real answers: portraying a film as part of the money making "business of Lyme".

I will never say "not to" do or "do" anything but if something is false I will immediately point it out and show why. We cant be safe and make well informed choices if all we do is ooh and aah and accept blindly on faith.



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