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08/13/2011 04:53 AM

let's get those "killer" cells working

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Better watch where this goes, I bet "they" will find a way to bury this...Wonder if this would "cure" more than just Cancer?

Why can't I just be happy once? Why can't I trust anyone? Ohh well...I better post this now......

cuz in a week it will be history....or will it make history!!?????

umm......what about lyme and co-infections??????

wlk--Cool virus-may-cure-leukemia5365.html

Genetically tailored virus may cure leukemia

Published 11 August, 2011 03:40:00

Here and Now


Scientists have designed a new virus that targets cancer cells in the bloodstream. (Photo courtesy of flickr user Horia Varlan)

Virus turns T cells into tumor-seeking missiles, and could be the key to curing some cancers.

Story from Here and Now. Listen to audio above for full report.

Two leukemia patients are now cancer-free a year after they began a new treatment. The secret? A virus designed to attack cancer cells.

The findings for the study were recently published in the New England Journal for Medicine.

Traditionally, leukemia has been treated by injecting donor bone marrow into the patient--a notoriously painful procedure.

Instead, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have conducted a study where they retrieve the patient's own white blood cells and inject them with a gene which helps guide T cells to tumors.

"This is true personalized medicine," said Dr. Bruce Levine, one of the researchers for this project.

"We're basically turning T cells into tumor-seeking missiles."

What's more, the genetically enhanced T cells can remain dormant in the patient and reactivate again should any cancer cells reappear in the body.

"It's almost as if we have a surveillance system circulating in the patient's body to attack any new tumor if it were to arise," Levine said.

The treatment, though, is not without side effects. Experts relate the symptoms to "the worst flu you've ever had."

But the risks with the genetically tailored T cells are much lower than bone marrow or bone marrow stem cell donation.

The ramifications of this finding could mean similar cures for other ferocious cancers.

Levine and his team are also testing this treatment on mesothelioma, ovarian and pancreatic cancers.

"You can have the T cells target almost any cancer," Levine said.

Read more about the treatment on the University of Pennsylvania website.

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i added the text to above link. bettyg, iowa group leader

Post edited by: Bettyg, at: 08/14/2011 12:15 AM


08/13/2011 11:05 AM
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Well... first, Id think the researchers would have to be aware that Lyme affects SO many... and then theyd have to believe it could be chronic and incrediby difficult to kill. Then theyd have to be ignorant of the CDCs "hit man" tactics coupled with insurance companies.


08/13/2011 04:47 PM
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LOL, so I am not the only skeptic? I feel so much know......

I look back in life...I was not the popular kid in school.....ok I accept that......

But..when I got something new...a perk(cure)like let's say that "bmx dirt bike"...I was in heaven!

Only to have it distroyed a day later by bullies...

Now I've entered this disease...not by choice of

for that "something new"(perhaps a cure) only to put my hopes up high.....but have these......

"big boys" squash it.....(CDC,IDSA..etc)

Well boys....I got news for you.....I rode that dirt bike with out rubber tires for a year!

NOBODY....I mean nobody...put my spirits down!

Equest, so I don't send mixed messages here...I am with you 100%...lots of *sighs*.."I'll beleive it when I see it" too ....

But....I have this goal....I want to live and survive this till I'm 100yrs old!

I wanna be there when "S#@! hits the fan" I just wanna smile in "their" smug faces.....

Anybody tonight reading this....THIS IS WHY....

I keep on fightin'.....LYME POWER! all the way!


My head high..and still Smile Smile everyday!

08/13/2011 08:23 PM
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it will never happen. the pharms and fda are sleeping with each other.....

Doctor Cures Cancer........Gets Charged by the FDA

Dr. Burzynski found a cure for cancer that works better than chemo and radiation, while producing almost no side effects.

He managed to patent the drugs before a major pharmaceutical could.

In response to this, the FDA and NCI attempted to throw him in prison by launching over 5 attempts to indict him on fraud and regulations violation charges.

Dr. Burzynski was acquitted in every instance, with jurors leaving the court house and lining up with protesters outside the courthouse protesting the FDA's actions.

At the same time the FDA was attempting to throw the doctor in prison, the FDA and NCI filed for patents on the very drugs they were prosecuting Burzynski for using, claiming that the drugs were worthless and that Burzynski was a fraud.

if you have time...worth the watch.....

08/13/2011 10:13 PM
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I know people who have worked in labs, working on the cures for various diseases... as soon as they started getting somewhere, theyd show up randomly to work to find the lab closed... all of their research gone. "Sold" Every bit of information.

Its ridiculous.

08/14/2011 12:19 AM
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I'm an Advocate

doug, thank you for sharing that; i added the article to your above link.

noticed no comments on this one too.

amanda/eq; i agree with you on your comments. Sick Angry

bettyg, group leader....

08/14/2011 10:14 AM
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Neska! Ohh! You are on my top list! That link ya sent kicks butt!

I also learned my lesson, I get auto-links from Dr.Mecola's site...but I had only watched into it..

Ohh not even half way...said to myself..Cancer related, I don't have that ....yet....( won't do that again)

Well, I just watched the whole darn's long..but I love every minute of it......why..

That Doctor rode his bike..rims right down to the spokes and.....he did not stop.....

As for our Gov't SHAME SHAME ON THEMAngry

This might sound strange..but I've got that video in my bad day file......

If I am having a bad day...ohh watchin' that will perk me right up!


08/14/2011 02:43 PM
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thanks it is definitely an EYE OPENER!

i do hope others will take the time to watch it......

basically you can take out the word cancer and insert lyme disease.


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