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08/12/2011 11:51 AM

What is aggressive treatment for co infections.

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Does anyone know or can anyone explain what "aggressive treatment" would be for bart & babesia?

I go to my LLMD for the 1st time on Thurs. and I want to be sure my treatment is aggressive enough. Reason being in my search for a Dr. I spoke to one who told me my Dr. doesn't treat for confections, but when I called them I was told they do treat for them.

The Dr's office that told me the Dr. I am seeing doesn't treat for them also told me it cost like $2000.00 a month for like 3 or 4 months to treat for the co infections.

The Dr. I am seeing isn't sure how they treat or why it would cost so much. I am just not sure what is "ENOUGH" treatment.

I am not worried about the money IF that is my only real option, but I also don't want to spend that if it isn't necessary.


08/14/2011 02:09 AM
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go to top of SUPPORT forum to sticky pins, look for my welcome letter.

after finding it, go below dr. burrascano's lyme treatment guidelines to next one.

print OFF MEDS/DOSAGES FOR KIDS/ADULTS; that's what he recommends and i broke it up making it easier to read.

i think that is everything you need Wink

bettyg, llmd coordinator, iowa group leader/activist


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