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06/17/2011 09:28 AM

LLMD in Staten Island, NYC, Brooklyn?

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hi, I am looking for a LLMD in the NY area, anybody have any input?

I was diagnosed with Lyme 15 years ago, treated with Rosephin for 2 weeks and thought it was over with.

Turns out my brain and spine think otherwise!

I have many lesions on my brean, all over. I also have 6 large lesions on my spine, all areas.

I am currently being told I had MS all along but 15 years ago my blood level of Lyme was over 5 and seemed to respond to antibiotic treatment.

Didn't and sill doesn´t show up in my spinal fluid, had test then and now.

Lyme DNA not present in CNS

Did my most recent spinal at Stoney Brook.

IGG negative in blood, IGM positive in blood


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06/23/2011 02:51 AM
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welcome larry Wink

this got buried good; that's why it's better to post inLLMD REQUEST FORUM, but DON'T since you started this one.

in your llmd request, please EDIT and add more info ok.

how long you've been sick

if you've tested for lyme/co-infections;

which labs doing work for which specific test, etc.

did you have western blot igm/igg done by igenex?

if yes, what were the POSITIVE & INDETERMINDED numbers; NOT negatives.

thanks for understanding; just EDIT your post. you can find all by going to left MY DISCUSSIONS, click on it.

after you add more, i'll send you names ok.

bettyg, iowa llmd coordinator/leader


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