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06/17/2011 06:51 AM

Estimate of cost Igenex testing


Can someone give me some idea what to expect for the cost of Igenex testing on a first visit to an LLMD? I am going to see one in DC and need to prepare for that cost plus the cost of the visit. I know what the visit will run but need some kind of estimate for the Igenex so I can make sure I am covered.

We are squeezing our finances to make this happen so any help would be appreciated.



06/17/2011 08:57 AM
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Hi Kim..I have not been tested for any co-infections yet but my western blot was $260.00 out of pocket. Tried to submit to my insurance company but they would not cover it. Good Luck!


06/17/2011 11:00 AM
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I've got the order form right here.

Basic Lyme Panel: Western Blot IgG, Wester Blot IgM, Lyme IFA...$260.00

Complete Lyme Panels: Basic Lyme Panel, PCR Serum and Whole Blood...$475.00

Co-Infection Panel: $780.00

There are several other tests available for specific co-infections depending on what your doctor recommends for testing. These costs are in addition to anything your clinic may charge you to have the blood drawn.

Hope this helps.

06/17/2011 11:30 AM

Thank you!!1

06/17/2011 11:45 AM
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i would suggest going to their website or calling them for their kit.

all the information is included in their kit and well as the vials they need to draw blood.

this also includes the script for the doctors signature.

the kit has a pre-paid fedx included.

and remember try to get the test done on monday.

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06/17/2011 12:06 PM

I am not sure exactly what the doctor is going to want to order. I would assume the entire Lyme panel, but I won't know if there is anything additional until I go for the appt. It is going to take 6 weeks to get into the LLMD.

09/15/2012 12:00 AM
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Does anyone know of a reasonably priced lab with accurate interpretation other than Igenex?

I need one that does complete Lyme and co-infection panels with bartonella testing. The physician is also requiring that I do another CD57 panel. Claims the one acquired in March of this year is outdated.

I do respond to PM's.....Thanks!

09/15/2012 12:09 AM
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Micc - IMO & from what most others have said, Igenex is the most accurate & even then it's not 100%. Seeing as Igenex is the only test I ever did, I can't offer any more than that.

Hopefully, someone else has had a positive experience through another lab that is cheaper, but please remember that everyone is different & may not test the same.

As for the CD57, you should be able to have that done through your insurance. Many (not all) do cover the CD57 test. I know mine did & I had 2 different ones over the past 2 years... PPO BC/BS & PPO UHC. Good Luck!!!

09/15/2012 12:38 AM
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here you go, my link of ALL LYME DIAGNOSTIC labs that i know of; some have some prices but each yr. most of them change SOME of their prices.

ive heard that clongen is good; much cheaper!! didn't hear $$$ forums/tips/3006624-blood-testingsmisc-galore-here-

if you call and get any prices for western blot, co-infections for that part of the country, would you write them down per lab you talk to and i'll add to my existing info? big thanks!



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