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05/23/2011 11:43 PM

do heart palpitations usually go away?

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Hi Everyone,

My husband had lyme disease for 3 years before he was diagnosed, and has had terrible heart palpitations. He explains to me how unnerving they are, and how scary. Recently since he has been treating babesia, his heart problems have seemed to flare up. Does anyone know if for most people once they get rid of lyme, do the heart troubles go away? Or is there often permanent damage done? Thanks so much!!



05/24/2011 01:02 AM
inkyblckPosts: 446

Hi Softy, I am sorry to hear that you husband is going thru a tough time ~ and since he is, you are too ...

Prior to my official diagnosis ( Dec 2009 ), I went to the ER with heart palps and my blood pressure was over 170 ...

Within 10 days, I had my babesia / bartonella diagnosis ...

Shortness of breath was in there too, along with blinding miragines etc ...

ok, that was a lifetime ago ...

It gets better ~ MUCH better ~ do NOT worry about permanent damage ~ lots of very treatable and reversabile things occur with these tick infections, and restoring a body to a healthy state is absolutely to be expected ...

After doing antibiotics, mepron, etc for a year, I finally ditched it all and began seeing a holostic doctor ~ I am not saying antibiotics are useless ` but to fully recover I firmly believe that a person must do more than just kill bacteria and parasite ...

Give your husband a hug and reassure him that'll he'll be just fine ...

I have no heart palps, and for 3 months now my BP has been consistantly around 110 over 80 ...

And I'm back to being the last one on the basketball court Smile

Hang in there, it gets better !!!!

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05/25/2011 12:59 PM
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Softy they go away. I have had them very bad, been to the ER may times thinking I was dying, with treatment and remaining committed as long as it may take to a starch, gluten, and sugar free diet, they subside as well as many many others of the symptoms. Remission is not impossible, and I am getting there much quicker now that I am on on a natural protocol, no abx. Remember though through all of it, detoxing is just as important as the treatment you pursue.

05/25/2011 06:35 PM
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Most of the time I dont pay much attention to the palpatations.I have had them for years.

I do see a cardiologist on a regular basis as I have developed MVP which I was told needs to be monitored but not a major problem.

Tell your husband to relax when he feels them and to breath through them. It helps.

05/25/2011 07:54 PM
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I agree..I had palpatations very bad for a while long before I knew I had Lyme. Ended up in the ER, stress tests, etc. They came and went with no apparent reason. Another crazy thing about this illness..



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