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05/17/2011 09:40 AM

My brain always feels like it's on fire.

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I always have headaches, brain feels like it's on fire, can't drive because I'll have a seizure and am extremely sore.

What causes the brain feeling like it's on fire? It's horrible, even my face is flushed all the time. I feel like I'm going to crap out. I'm scared I'm dying.


05/17/2011 10:06 AM
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well I can sure relate to the feeling like your dying, I thought that almost everyday for the first 6 months of this thing too. Now I m going on a year and still here

I used to have that fear of passing out and seizuring when driving too, once again hasnt happened yet, knock on wood....

While I cant say I ve had the "burning" brain feeling I did frequently ( not as much lately ) feel like I have a million bugs crawling inside it, and all over the body sometimes too.

I also have a brain thing where it feels like my consiousness is coming and going real fast, kind of like a mini strobe effect. Or real quick blackouts...

as I ve said many times this is all usually much worse anytime I m around fluorescent lighting. Also frequent headaches

So anyhow rest assured lots of us feel like we re dying regularly, but I dont think any have yet... not from feeling like it at least..... hey look its my 100 th post !

05/17/2011 10:19 AM
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~~~Congrats on 100th post espltd! Keep'em coming!

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05/17/2011 06:16 PM
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My 9 year old daughter gets the burning brain feeling. It is horrible to watch. She says it feels like her brain is on fire just like you. Luckily hers seems to only last a few minutes at a time. Sometimes only once but other times multiple times a day. I think she is herxing when this is going on. I hope. She recently had an EEG and a lot of blood work done and everything came back normal (except for the lyme of course).

I increased her detox program and yeast meds and that seemed to help. It's calmed down at this time.

Hang in there, I hope it gets better.

05/18/2011 03:48 AM

Hey all-

I did a post yesterday about mercury poisoning and brain fire in the medicines/treatments forum, you might want to read it..

It's one person's personal experience with that symptom and it being mercury poisoning.

We all have some kind of heavy metal load in us and we know that lyme and co's attach to the metals in our bodies, compounding the issue.

For me personally, I had the same brain on fire symptom at the beginning of treatment, and it was when I was detoxing the metals out.

Three, has your daughter had any vaccinations or dental work done in the recent past?

This is something to consider..and treat for.

Tizmo, you said in another post that you didn't know what to take for detoxing and that you take cilantro, but I informed you that Chlorella also needs to be taken when using it, and if you have amalgam fillings, you need to be careful in how you detox the metals, you could have a severe reaction.

And since metals are usually more prevalent in the brain due to the close proximity from the mouth, you need to be VERY careful..

Talk to your llmd and see if you can have some heavy metal testing done, and in the link I posted, there were some at home tests you could do as well I believe..some great info in it..

Blessings to you all..



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