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05/11/2011 07:24 PM

Weight loss/ gain

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Okay, I really want to hear some more experiences here on this topic.

I have had weight loss periods with Lyme/coinfects before, but never like this.

It is starting to make me kind of paranoid that I have something worse like cancer or something.

Has anyone experienced weight shifting extremes that have been due to Lyme, Bart or Babs?

I also would like to know if anyone has noticed a weight shift after drinking more water. Wondered if this might cause weight loss.

Used to be I had to work really hard to keep the weight off, now over the past month or so I am having to over eat only to maintain.

Unsure More than food, I am really craving BALANCE in my life! Seems like this disease robbed me of that long ago.

Would love to hear from you all on this topic!

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05/11/2011 07:52 PM
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Hi Vic

My oldest went thru a large wight lose with Lyme and Babs where as I and younger daughter have gained wieght. Im presently on Thyroid meds. Im not gaining weight anymore but Im not getting rid of any either

05/11/2011 10:56 PM
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Vic, I am convinced that Lyme Disease completely changed my metabolism.

Had severe weight loss after my divorce way back when, then stabilized and even gained enough to have to diet a couple of times.

I do believe it was the Lyme cycling, even back then, and brought on by stress.

Then, after unemployment (another stressful time in my life) it happened again.

Took three years to put 12 of the 26 I lost back on, and I was thrilled.

Surgery in December and now weigh less than ever.

I think, because my thryoid checks out fine it may have to do with the adrenals that Lucas was talking about in another thread (about my fatigue)? Maybe.

NO ONE can believe I was a "chubby" child and teen.

And, I did the opposite of many women.

Drastic weight loss AFTER I had my children, when many of my friends were saying they could not take off after pregnancy, childbirth, etc.

There are a few of us on here who cannot gain, but I am not sure if the others were always like that or just since Lyme.

Will be interesting to hear about the gains/losses and if related to Lyme.

It used to scare me, especially with the last drastic loss.

And, I must admit, after the surgery I was so disappointed to have lost all I tried for years to gain back.

I am still sad about that, because I DID work hard!

So, yes, at first I was frightened, but now it is just annoying.

I am trying hard to fit in more and more calories each day.

That is what I had to do all day long and eat high calorie snacks before bed, etc., without fail.

That is my problem now: I have the appetite but often too tired to cook or eat as much as I would if I felt better.

Plus the more limited diet, but even with that if I had the energy to cook more, I know I could be eating a litle more.


I just bought coconut oil, coconut butter, and I found a gluten free, sugar free protien drink, but it doesn't really have many calories.

Plan to purchase a better protein drink when I can.

Vic, are you eating a LOT? Still losing?

Because, if you are anything like me, it is going to take a lot of hard work and time.

Hope this helps some.

(And, you have heard my story a million times, so that is the short version, lol!).

05/12/2011 04:17 AM

Hey Vicki-

I've averaged between 95-105 my whole life..that's the norm for me..

I was accused by my health teacher in the 9th grade of being anorexic, she even said it in front of the whole class to my utter horror..

When I went home in tears, my mom went down and exploded on the woman and made her apologize to me in front of the class again..

My parents nicknames for me were hollow legs and bottomless pit..I made them go broke trying to feed me! Tongue

There was no way on earth I was anorexic or anything else of an eating disorder, I've just had lyme and co's my whole life I've found out now..

Over the years recently, when I drank I weighed as much as 115..that was a miracle, but very uncomfortable, I know that was weight from yeast now.

Three months ago when I moved out of my husband's I weighed 92 lbs...that was very scary. My parents thought I was going to die any day.

I am away from the heavy metals now and eat like a pig on my restricted diet for anti-yeast, parasite, virus,and bacterias and I'm up to a whopping 98, sometimes on a good day, 100lbs.

Right now I'm battling big time with the yeast and die-off, I think when I added some things to break through the BBB, it unleashed what is very deep in there.

So I feel it's just yeast weight again because some days my belly will blow up like I'm pregnant..not good..considering I've had my tubes tied and I'm not living with my husband right now!

I honestly think it's individual Vicki.

I am stepping up my babs drops with the A-BAB, so that could be contributing too.

I wouldn't mind being 100lbs if I didn't feel all full and itchy, that's what I have a problem with, it's not a healthy weight gain if you know what I mean.

Sorry if this doesn't help, it's just my story..

I do want you to figure yours out though..when do you see the llmd again?

Be well and blessings Vicki..


05/12/2011 05:03 AM
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Thanks friends! Anyone else have thoughts too? I just really suspect that this affects everybody here in some way. Maybe mostly on the gaining side.

Would love to know everybody's facts on this.

Carol, you bring up the subject of thyroid, and that seems like the most logical source of gain or loss problems.

I just saw my PCP two days ago, and he is running another thyroid test, even though had one done last summer and it was fine. This shift has happened over the past two months.

But I have to say guys, the only thing I have done differently over the past two months has been adding 8 cups of water a day into my diet.

My body had been used to only about a cup a day of water for pretty much all my life!

I think I had severe dehydration, which means my body had retained water to compensate.

It no longer needs to retain water.

Is it possible that what I have lost is water weight? I looked this up online and sure enough I found a blog site where people report significant weight loss after drinking more water on a ritual basis.

Kim and Hope, I have been eating lots more. And of the sweets and breads.

It will seem like I am gaining something during the day because I get so bloated in the abdomen and stomach and my pants feel tight,

but then the next morning I am back to the same 95 -98 pounds. I seem to just hang there. Like you Kim, I get the bloating.

But I know it is because of what I am eating and probably making the yeast worst.

This whole issue has not been good for my sugar addiction issue. Been taking advantage of the weight loss to act out.

Can feel the yeast in my head and gut.

Always good to hear what you all have to say. It kind of puts my mind to rest. Kim, I have not been back to the LLMD, just my regular PCP with Kaiser.

I need to get my blood tests for Lyme and co. done first and have been waiting because I want to be back at my usual symptoms before doing it.

But the LLMD does think the weight loss can be Lyme related.

I am sorry that any of us has to deal with this kind of instability. And Hope, I know, it can be scary!

Think I will start another post asking about this. Is there a RIGHT time to test?

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05/12/2011 05:41 AM

Hey Vicki-

If you want to provoke some symptoms, try doing the restrictive diet thing..

When you stop feeding the yeast your body will go into overdrive and the lyme and co's will come out full force, trust me..

The yeast and lyme/co's are very much intertwined in all of your organs and CNS, so when they are starved, they go into protest..

My best to you and many blessings to get through it, it's a hard process to go through, but you can do it.


05/12/2011 10:40 AM
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I did start losing weight as soon as I let go of the gluten and the sugar last Octoboer/November.

That was BEFORE surgery.

I think, in the beginning, I was still learning, and I could not find enough to eat on my "new diet," where as before I was eating whatever I wanted, as much as I wanted, and whenever I wanted.

That was my new diet even before I first lost all the weight.

First, I threw away the scale, and I decided I would never again deprive myself of a treat.

I would eat when I was hungry, try to eat as healthy as possible, and stop "obssessing" over food.

I was tired of the "yo yo" dieting thing, and I decided to just "listen to my body."

Well, all that came to a halt with the "new diet" (no sugar no gluten) and I did start losing again, and rapidly.

Surgery added to it and I lost more.

Now, I really think I will be able to gain some, because I am learning that I MUST add high calories foods to this "new" diet and eat as much as I possibly can.

As a former dieter, who used to just look at food and gain weight, it is strange to have a metabolism like this.

However, I still would rather have a little extra on me than not enough.

Like I keep telling everyone: I want my curves back and to feel like a "woman" again.

I feel like a boy. Tongue lol

Have you thought of visiting with a nutritionist, Vic?

05/12/2011 12:24 PM


I'm not sure about the thyroid theory, but it could very well be for you.

But for me, I've tested normal all these years, I have an osteopath freind that kept insisting it was all my thyroid..I tested it for 3 years at least..normal.

Last fall after starting treatment, I tested I'm hypothyroid..

I have the babs in my thyroid, we figured that out when I upped my drops of A-BAB a few months back..

So with that said, everyone is different, but I know for me, it's not a thyroid thing.

I'm hoping you get it figured out Vicki..


05/12/2011 07:39 PM
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Hi Vic

My thyroid tests came back normal but I was told that you could be making thyroid hormones but your body doesnt know how to use it.

05/13/2011 06:00 AM
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Good thoughts here. Hope, you brougt up one thing that may be a big contributor to the loss, the gluten factor. Sounds like it made a difference for you.

Weird though that your surgery made it worse Hope. This leads me to wonder if it is the Lyme and Co. Because surgery is a trauma to the body and can affect where and how the Lyme affects us.

I know this to be true for me. Actually after my hysterectomy, I had the same thing for a short while, extreme weight loss. Then I gained it real easy again.

Several months back, I let go of the little bit of gluten I was still eating in the Ezekiel cereal and bread I was eating. Also, rye flour. Even though low in gluten, it still had it in it.

I let that go completely to do only the completely free of gluten flours. I also let go of egg yolks completely and now only do the whites. These two things may have been adding more weight than I thought.

Combine that with all the water I now drink, and that may have taken the 10 extra pounds off.

Maybe we actually need SOME gluten in our diet?

The thing is, I have been eating lots of gluten and sugar recently and other stuff that normally puts weight on me FAST. And I can barely get up a couple of pounds, then it comes off again. So weird.

I would actually not have a problem with this ( believe me! Would be eating it up! ) were it not for my sensitive digestive system that cant take these "bad for me" foods.

As far as I can feel in my intestines, I still have allergies and sensitivities to gluten, dairy, white flour, sugar etc. I am having more pain and bloating in my gut. So cant really enjoy these foods even though they are not putting on weight.

Kim, interesting that you have Babs in the thyroid. so are you saying that after you started ABabs, it kicked it into gear and made you hypothyroid? Interesting. But especially since you have such a low weight. Surprising.

I would think you would gain it from hypothyroidism. I hope you can get that resolved Kim. Do you think it is making you more reactive to yeast and contributing to the bloating you mentioned?

I am guessing this is not a thyroid thing with me, but I will see what my test says. Have never had an issue there. Carol, I had heard the same thing you say, that our body may not know how to use thyroid properly,,even thought we have the right amount.

Hope, In the last 15 years or so I have not owned a scale. Only get a reading on that at the docs. I have gauged my weight on my clothes for the most part.

But I missed something because I thought I was still at 105 or 107 and holding at that a month ago, then found out I was actually 10 pounds lighter! What!

This is why I wonder if it isnt mostly water weight. I know I was retaining it because I wasnt drinking enough. So I may have shed lots of it when I started drinking alot of it.

What a mystery! Would like to believe this is all some kind of gift from God, but of course I just assume the worst and become fearful about it!

Oh yes, and I do plan to get to a nuitrionist with Kaiser. Might get some answers. But today I see my therapist to ask about my bipolar maybe doing this.

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