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05/10/2011 11:40 AM

Late-Stage Lyme

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Just wanted to say hello. I have been watching your forums for a few months now. They have really helped me. So, ty :+)

Pretty sure my experience mirrors others. I was deathly ill for 11 years ,then bed bound for 6. Between 1993 and 1998 I had no less than 3 Lyme tests; all negative. I was referred to a wonderful doc who wanted to re-test me for Lyme, last November 2010. It was positive for Lyme/Bartonella. He's fairly convinced I have babesia as well, but it's crazy to try and get it dx'd (Get the lab test nine times, and if your still negative, then you don't have it, so stupid.)

Been on anti's for 5 months, 3 on Bartonella, and have seen very hopeful results. I starts on Mepron this week.

Again, happy to be here in your forums,

~ toad

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05/10/2011 11:52 AM
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lily, big welcome; thanks for coming out of lurking; glad you have foundthe comments/links valuableto you.


i went to a mother-daughter supper last night;each of us received a FROG.





speaker told of her she is now "CURED" from lyme/co-infections!

bettyg, iowa leader

05/10/2011 12:14 PM

Hey toad-

Welcome to the family!Smile

I'm glad you find the information here useful..I have learned so much from everyone here.

As far as the babs goes, if you're presenting symptoms, you/your llmd should be treating it.

And you can have false negatives, I'm sure you know this and your doc..especially having it for so long.

It's always best to treat the co's first.

Bartonella must be your dominant one?

Thanks for joining us, and keep us posted on your progress in treatment..


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05/10/2011 03:22 PM
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Thanks for the welcome.

Wish I could say which infection is most dominant at the moment.

I do know, that the rashes (was getting 20 of them at a time, all over) are completely Gone.

The skin irritations I had are Gone.

The kind where Anything that rubbed against me, and/or I scratched turned into a cytokine storm of the ages.

My LLMD thinks those were Bartonella related.

I just thought of one more. My eye floaters seem to have gone... hmmmm

I also have increased stamina, strength and I am clearer.

Nothing so much that a normal,healthy human could detect, but it's a lot for me.

I wonder what kind of experience I might encounter on Mepron. I start it tomorrow.

Should I expect herx'ing from that as well?

Glad you liked my Toad, Betty. It's kinda my trademark. Silly

Thanks again,

~ toad

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05/10/2011 03:51 PM

Hey toad-

Reading up on Mepron, they say it's used for toxoplasmosis and pneumonias caused my yeast..I'm editing now, I just found it's used for babs too..

Maybe you have toxoplasmosis? And babs?

I don't take antibiotics, but I'm going to assume that you will herx just by introducing something new in anyway..

Hopefully you don't and that it's not too bad if you do..

Let us all know how you're doing.


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05/10/2011 05:42 PM

Hello Toad, welcome to this wonderful supportive group. Wishing u all the best

& hope ur treatment goes well & u find this site to be of much help as u continue

On ur journey. Take care & blessings, Michelle


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