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04/26/2011 07:52 PM

milk thistle and antibiotics

meluveitiePosts: 61

My doctor wants to put me on milk thistle while taking antibiotics, but I read that milk thistle can interfere with the absorption of the antibiotic. Is there an optimal window with which to take the milk thistle? I take minocycline and rifampin twice a day. Thanks. Smile

04/26/2011 08:10 PM
inkyblckPosts: 446

meluveitie, your liver is very important, so supporting it is essential ... It is probably best to ask your doc ~

However, I would say that staggering the antibiotics away from the milk thistle as far as possible would make the most sense ~

Taking all the necessary things and figuring out how to space them can be really a pain ~ esp with some requiring food, and some on an empty stomach ...

I would say take the MT at least 2 hrs before or 2 hrs after the antibiotics ...

04/26/2011 08:12 PM
meluveitiePosts: 61

Well I've also read that milk thistle can interact with many drugs, reducing liver enzymes and causing the drugs to stay in the system longer which could be toxic. I saw Rifampin was on this drug list. Is there anything else that may be safer to use for liver support?

04/26/2011 08:19 PM
Posts: 894

Milk Thistle is a very safe herb and one that has worked very effectively for many people in supporting their liver. It helped get my liver enzymes down to normal, so I would not be afraid to take this. I'd be more afraid not to. As inkybick said, take it a couple hours away from abx and you'll do fine. Do a google search on "Milk Thistle Benefits" and you'll see why this is a very important herb for us to take.



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