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04/25/2011 05:50 PM


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Are there any LLMD doctors that take Aetna insurance in my area. I will travel but can't find any. I live in NJ but would travel to surrounding states?

04/26/2011 02:21 AM
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blue eyes,

check your private messages left side for 2 i found in NYC only; none in new jersey.

post also in LLMD REQUEST your state, NJ, needing aetna llmd as subject line, and give more info so others from your state may see this.

your post here was wayto vague, and folks will NOT read non-specific subjects like llmd; always show STATE NEEDED, adult or child ok in LLMD REQUEST FORUM.

thanks for helping us help you Wink Kissing

bettyg, iowa leader

04/26/2011 07:26 AM
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I sent all docs for surronding states for adult and childern per her request via PM.

Hope one works out for you and your small child.


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