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12/14/2008 05:00 AM

Worms may be a Big Part of Lyme Suffering?(page 2)


Cave, Loa Loa is in the USA, no biggy use google.I am interested in all the people that have symptoms of filarial worms, eg brain fog,memory loss, co-ordination problems and i wonder if the Lyme patient asked for the proper worm med to eradicate them the symptoms of Lyme just may reduce as parasites are excreting toxins continuously

here is a link of interest.Maybe i am wrong..about those worms but maybe there is something to this that could help other members, help in research would be appreciated on this one, nothing to lose all to gain knowledge Smile


12/14/2008 07:35 AM

Here is the abstract for the loa loa study.

Am. J. Trop. Med. Hyg., 24(4), 1975, pp. 610-615

Copyright © 1975 by The American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

Loa Loa: Development to the Infective Stage in an American Deerfly, Chrysops Atlanticus*

Thomas C. Orihel AND Robert C. Lowrie, Jr.

Tulane University, Delta Regional Primate Research Center, Covington, Louisiana 70433

Chrysops atlanticus, an American species of deerfly collected along the Missisippi Gulf Coast, will support the development of the microfilaria of human Loa loa to the infective stage.

Development takes place in the fat body of the fly and requires 9 to 10 days in flies maintained at a temperature of 80°F and 60% to 80% relative humidity.

The site of development and pattern of morphogenesis of the parasite in C. atlanticus is virtually identical to that described in natural African vectors.

Chrysops atlanticus will support the development of large numbers of L. loa to the infective stage without apparent ill effects.

Two uninfected patas monkeys each were given 75 third-stage larvae obtained from experimentally infected C. atlanticus.

Both animals developed patent infections in approximately 5 months, clearly demonstrating that the entire life cycle of Loa loa can be maintained in the laboratory outside endemic areas.

Accepted for publication February 21, 1975.

* This study was supported by the U.S.-Japan Cooperative Medical Science Program administered by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health through research grant AI 10269 and by U.S.P.H.S. research grant FR 00164, Division of Research Resources, National Institutes of Health.


Those researchers were doing what researchers do ---- playing 'what if' ?

Chrysops atlanticus is present in the Mississippi Gulf Coast---- if it hasn't spread further since 1975 when they did the study.

They wondered (what if?) that deerfly species could support loa loa. That would have significance, because if it could then maybe it might be. Or would, in the future. That's a needed piece of information for vector agencies.

If it WERE possible, then money for vector research (for C. atlanticus) might be allocated to actually do the vector searches needed for discovering if loa loa has actually crossed the Atlantic and would find a nice comfy home in the U.S.

Then money could be used (from the CDC) to start spraying or doing other control methods.

[This is how vector disease (which includes Lyme) is tracked and counted and then used to receive more money, more available resources for it's control. One of the many reasons Lyme is said 'not to exist' in certain areas. If it's not 'looked for' then 'it isn't there'!]

Will loa loa ever become a problem in the U.S.? I don't know the answer because I haven't looked. But IF it does, this study will be one of the first stepping stones towards getting funding for controlling it.

At least this article answered the first question: Can C. atlanticus support loa loa. And the answer is 'yes'.

Back to this article's significance to Lyme------ none. But I do agree with Buckron, deerflies HAVE been mentioned as a possible for transmitting Bb.

Thanks, Buckron, for giving me the opportunity to show just one of the reasons for scientific research and studies. In this case it was just like comparing apples to oranges.

12/14/2008 07:45 AM

buckron, we must have been posting at the same time.

If my post doesn't make any sense to you I'll still leave it for others to read.

12/14/2008 08:10 AM

Thats A OK by me..i requested help doing research and your clicking away, I also found stuff scientists have proven that Lyme came to North America before the ice age, I think we are all being misled the truth.. bio warfare.. also saw in the news charges being laid members cdc cover-up avian flu..head is always spinning..just another day on the net i guess Smile

12/14/2008 08:16 AM

I also found stuff scientists have proven that Lyme came to North America before the ice age, I think we are all being misled the truth..

That may not be proven yet. I don't know. There are tons of 'theories' out there.

But I DO know that the truth is in scant supply, almost everywhere.

Bb is enough of a mystery to me (and as fascinating) as bio-warfare conspiracies. I'll just stick with that for now.

12/14/2008 09:50 AM
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I have been diagnosed by live blood microscopy with a recently discovered worm,cryptostrongylus pulmoni, microscopc lung worms that live symbiotically with the borrelia & may be passed in the same tick bite, but think they have been successfully treated with Ivermectin now.

12/14/2008 11:27 AM

Worms? Excellent article,Little scary. Smiffy glad to hear those micro's may be eradicted Smile caused-by-parasites-in.html

12/15/2008 03:06 AM
Posts: 143

Thank for the link, I agree with her Ron, we should all go to the vets!

My family doctor says the worms in my blood are 'nonsense',but then he says that about the borrelia too.

12/15/2008 03:25 AM

Smiffy, I think we are getting somewhere re those worms and Lyme.Its mind boggling the surfing required to get anywhere with it.I am working on filarial worms from ticks and the wicked symptoms caused.Seems when you search filaria you always end up in the tropical disease area.Personally its looking like worms and Lyme has been covered up but thats my opinion Smile

12/15/2008 05:01 AM

Worth a look Back to the O'l salt/C thing which i think is worth a shot for a few days, not so much salt as to cause damage to your organs but enough to kill and excrete worms if they are present.Nothing to lose except parasites Smile

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