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12/12/2008 06:01 AM

Worms may be a Big Part of Lyme Suffering?


Rather than talking about worms on a different Post i thought i would create this one as i think Filarial Worms may be causing a lot of suffering for Lymies.

I was thinking about the symptoms of Lyme, you know stumbling around , short term memory loss,brain fog, heart problems, and i keep on hitting filarial worm infestation when researching. The worms are transmitted by ticks and mosquitoes, sand fleas etc. The adults can be 4" long and larvae microscopic.The adults are the hard ones to kill.A spirochete is a parasite also..parasites continuously excrete toxins and that could explain the terrible pain associated with Lyme.There are a lot of diseases that involve filarial worms and i am sure Lyme is one of them.Luckily there are natural killers of these worms and good abx to erradicate them also.I believe adult worms in the brain can cause the neuro Clayton reported she read.Should Lymies always ask their Docs for meds to treat Filarian worms as part of the protocol? Most Docs are lost when it comes to parasites so the patient should ask about them when on the subject of Lyme.Oil of Oregano kills adults and Larvae, so do some essential oils like Lemon, and there are antibiotics that do a wonderful job on those suckers.Should we pay attention to killing worms as part of a successful treatment? Please help with research Smile

Heres one link ... and by the way full moon tonight and the worms are very active during a full moon? I think so. Smile


12/12/2008 06:19 AM

Filarial worms may indeed play some part in the complex diseases associated with Lyme; Morgellons may be just one of them. They bear checking out, especially if a person has visited a foreign country (but not limited to that).

The link to Innvista had some fairly good information about parasites. Limited but fair.

That site though, under Bacteria, failed to mention Lyme disease---- but it did mention syphilis which has symptoms and disease progression similar to Lyme.

Here's a brief run down on Innvista and the people that run it. I didn't see an M.D. listed as a consultant.

Innvista began in 1997 as a hotel program designed by Sean, who eventually offered it for free use on the internet. The name for this website, Innvista, came from those efforts. Sean made up the word by combining "inn" for the hotel program and "vista", a visual view of the hotel program. From there came the family decision to add various subjects of personal interest that each felt might be of help to others.

Duane Duff has a Bachelor in Education degree,

Pamela Duff is a Registered Nurse, once certified in Gerontology, now a certified sports nutrition consultant

Sean Duff is the older son of Duane and Pam. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Geography degree

Martha Arévalo de Duff, the wife of Sean, has a Bachelor of Child Psychology degree and a Master of Education degree.

Cameron Duff is the younger son of Duane and Pam. He has a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Management degree and a Master of Arts in Library Science degree.

12/12/2008 06:42 AM
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Great! Now worms! It just keeps getting better!

I am thoroughly disgusted! Yuck! LOL


So what are all the naturals to get rid of these things?

And yes, I absolutely think people with known TBIs should be treated for worms also as part of tx protocol if it is reasonable and likely that these worms are part of the disease package!

What a nightmare.

Is there any negative consequence for treating these worms without positive confirmation that they are there?

Thank you for the info...

12/12/2008 07:03 AM
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Like I said in the other post...

I had a friend, who had the bio-feedback test done, and they found she had not only the big 3 con-infections but 5 parasite infections. LLMD immediately stopped the Lyme treatment, and worked first on ridding the parasites. Once they were out of the way, i believe they began addressing the co-infections - with a less aggressive lyme treatment.

It does all have to be addressed. I was lucky - the woman who did the testing was actually surprised that i didnt have any parasite infections...just the lyme, babs, and bart - oh and hhv6 - I think thats the chicken pox one...yea lucky for me, if i am exposed to that I get a rash - not shingles - there is another rash associated with exposure to that - and I got it a week before my oldest got Chicken Pox - so at least I will know for the other 3 what it coming.

OOPPPS = back to the subject...

Yes Ron - all of it has to be addressed...and be rid of. And the reason my friend had to address the parasites first, was because they were messing up her digestive system - thus she was not absorbing things correctly - so once they were gone - and she was on supplements and foods to help with digestion, she started getting at the co-infections and the lyme.


12/12/2008 07:03 AM

Hi Dharma, Negative side ? In My opinion nope.. Samento is antiparasitic, and Oil of Oregano is a Very efficient worm killer.I was surfing and found Conventional abx for filaria that are in a different class, Doxy has been used but from what i saw others are better.Malaria Filaria hmm it Rhymes..but Malarial drugs are used for Lyme disease too right? Smile

12/12/2008 07:05 AM
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Malarial drugs are more for Babs i do believe...

12/12/2008 09:19 AM

Filarial worms full moon ..Found this on another Lyme site that drifted to Morgellons talk..the two diseases seem to be closely related ..not to scare anyone just researching..Smile

The treatment for onchocerciasis is ivermectin (Mectizan); infected people can be treated once every twelve months. The drug paralyses the microfilariae and prevents them from causing itching. In addition, while the drug does not kill the adult worm, it does prevent them from producing additional offspring. The drug therefore prevents both morbidity and transmission.


Because I've taken Ivermectin/stromectol so long too, I don't feel this is it, the (Onchocerciasis) because protocol for this is once every 12 months. I've found by trying the Ivermectin every which way, "meaning" daily (without fail) for 8 months according to weight, once I stopped the Ivermectin (after 8 months of daily doeses) on the 3rd day "after" I stopped it, all hell broke loose, and I got approx 100 brand new lesions, no exaggeration. So I've found from "trial and error" that taking the Ivermectin "just before a full moon which is 2X a month, when I take it for one week then stop, then off a week, then take it again, I can control not getting the new lesions, which seem to hatch or break out just as a full moon is coming...which that is indicative of a heavy parasite load too, the full moon gets them all stirred up, I've read about this. Don't know why, but that's what "they" say, and that's what I've seen. Maybe the gravitational pull has something to do with it, I don't know.

12/13/2008 12:30 AM


I read that article too. Definately for travelers. I didn't see, either, where it said that ticks carry worms. Maybe I missed it or maybe Buckron saw it somewhere else.

Definitely babesia that's treated with anti-malarials, another from of abx.

12/13/2008 06:23 AM

Deer fly transmit loa loa and filarian worms United States Smile So many reports deer fly and Lyme Smile

12/14/2008 01:49 AM


Thanks for the additional information. I don't know what Loa Loa is, though, and that article was written in 1975, before lyme was identified. Do you have anything more recent?

Also, although I've often heard rumors about what carries lyme, I've never actually seen research except for the ticks we know and hate. Maybe I've just missed it?

Any info would be appreciated.


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