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04/15/2011 03:30 PM

ONE swollen breast???

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Has anyone else had this problem with their Lyme? My left breast has been swollen for 3 months now - it's a whole cup size larger than the right.

When if first became swollen, it felt heavy, like it was dense and weighed a lot. But there were NO lumps to be found.

I eventually got some strange lumpyness in the top half/above the nipple area, but none of that was present when the swelling started.

There is sometimes pain in the swollen breast, it's either stabbing straight through the nipple or a sharp almost burning feeling where the lumps are. But it's not consistent and it's not my main concern...

Gynecologist said she wasn't worried about it, but since it was in one breast and not the other, she had me get an ultrasound done.

Ultrasound techs had a lot of trouble finding the lumps during the ultrasound... they could definitely feel them, but they couldn't image them for some reason. They seemed puzzled about it.

Ultrasound was negative for anything abnormal.

LLMD tested my prolactin level, it was normal.

If it's a clogged lymph node, how do I unclog it? I am taking a ton of stuff for detox already.

I'm 24 and too old for it to be natural breast development changes. I know you can get cancer at any age, but 24 is still pretty young for cancer.

Any ideas??????

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04/15/2011 03:57 PM
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get a mammogram done NOW! don't take any chances!

i lost my only sister 12 yrs. ago to breast cancer. by the time they got done fiddle farting around, she had 2 different types of breast cancer.

she went chemo/radiation, then 6.5 yrs. cancer FREE until BC raised its ugly head going to her liver.

you know your body; LISTEN TO IT! PURSUE THINGS!

by time YOU CAN FEEL THINGS, cancer has been growing 7 yrs!

best wishes; prayers to you.

bettyg, iowa leader

04/15/2011 04:14 PM
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Listen to Bettyg


04/15/2011 07:32 PM
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My wife's best friend had the same symptoms as you did. She recently found out she has cancer in the breast. It's spread to her spine too. They can't do surgery. They're giving her some special pills and stuff like that. Not to scare you, but the sooner cancer is discovered the better your chances are of recovering. You OB/GYN is probably right, but it would seem prudent to get a second opinion. If it were my wife, that's what I'd have her do. Yes, I agree, listen to Betty.


04/16/2011 01:09 PM
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Thanks everyone for replying. I start to believe it's all in my head when the doctors and people around me say I'm fine and there's nothing to worry about, so it's very reassuring to know that I'm not the only one who thinks this is a potential problem that should get a more thorough investigation.

I am supposed to make an appointment with the breast surgeon for a consultation, if I'm "still worried" about it. I have been putting it off because I feel like even if it IS breast cancer, the surgeon is likely to give me the brush off due to my age and lack of symptoms.

Betty, I'm sorry for your loss, that must have been very difficult for you and your family. What types of cancer did your sister end up having?

GWB, that's very sad, I hope she can recover! Did she have any other symptoms besides those that were the same as mine?

Thanks again!

04/16/2011 03:21 PM
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I just asked my wife what symptoms her friend had and she said that other than the obvious difference in the size and shape of her breasts, she also has back pain which she contributed to sleeping on a cheap mattress.

She decided to go have it checked out not because of the back pain but because of the noticeable difference in her breasts. It concerned her that they looked and felt so different.

She had been complaining of being tired too but did not relate that to her breasts. Her husband committed suicide about three years ago, so it's been very stressful for her and her four kids. She just kept going to work thinking she was exhausted from the stress of losing her husband, and seeing the children suffer over the loss of their dad.

Turns out that her exhaustion and back pain were related to her breast cancer, of course, I'm sure the loss of her husband definitely played into this as well. Sadly, because she didn't go to the doctor sooner to get checked out the cancer has spread and is now inoperable. The doctors told her this kind of cancer does not have a great success rate (about 17%), but they are going to try various approaches to treating her and hope for the best. She's optimistic and has a great family and friends supporting her.

Hope that answers your question. It's likely you don't have cancer if your doctors are not too concerned about it, but if it was me, I'd get a second opinion just to be on the safe side. This may or may not be lyme related. Maybe it's a swollen lymph gland, which lyme can certainly cause, but it's not something you want to assume.

By the way, it's not about being "worried" as your doctor puts it. It's about being prudent and proactive rather than reactive. Worry not what the doctors think about you and how they perceive you. They are not God (sometime they think they are). They have been known to make mistakes and misdiagnosis on more than one occasion. You owe it to yourself, and your family, to get this throughly checked out.

Praying all turn out well for you.


04/25/2011 05:13 PM
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Yes, GWB, that does answer my question. Thank you so much for your comprehensive reply!

I am bothered that the doctors haven't done or suggested a fix to the problem, especially if they don't think it's cancer. If it's a lymph node, I feel like they should have seen it on the ultrasound and should have told me what the next step would be to fix it. If it was a cyst, shouldn't it be drained?

I am going to make an appointment with the surgeon. I am definitely not worried what the doctors think about me or how they perceive me, I'm just worried that they will stick to the textbook like every other doctor I've ever seen, and tell me that I'm too young and don't have enough symptoms for cancer. I'm smart enough to know that that's not ABSOLUTE, but in my experience doctors never dig deeper and they choose the easiest and most likely solution for what you present to them.

Which is why it took so long for many of us to get Lyme diagnoses..

04/25/2011 05:40 PM


I had lyme and doing aok from my lyme. I do have Breast Cancer, and let me tell you, it does not matter your age, they will treat you for BC if in fact that is what is going on.

Demand an MRI of the breasts since all other tests were negative...Mammo don't always detect BC. My NEEDLE biopsy is what told them plus the MRI.

I wish you the best of luck


04/25/2011 05:43 PM

p.s. I am a BC survivor of almost a year, will know more on the 9th of May if all my cancer is gone. I'm so glad you are going back to the Dr. I will be thinking of you..

04/25/2011 08:47 PM
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Thanks Julie!! It's good to hear you've gotten through both Lyme and BC, I hope all is well come May!

I'm sure they will treat me if it's BC, I just worry about whether they will recognize my symptoms as abnormal and if they will do necessary tests.

I agree, I want an MRI done. From everything I've read - survivor stories as well as research and general BC info - I'm under the impression that mammograms not only expose you to an unbelievable amount of radiation, but they also miss BCs and can even exasperate them (something about tumors shouldn't be manipulated/squished in such a way).

MRIs appear to be a more efficient and safe way to look for cancer, but they aren't used regularly because the cost isn't practical and insurance companies would refuse to cover an MRI as a yearly screening process.

I actually haven't had a mammogram yet, they didn't think I needed one, but personally I don't WANT one unless it's absolutely necessary or if they won't send me for an MRI unless I do the mammo first. It sounds like a mammo might be the least helpful test because the type(s) of cancer they pick up are the least likely type(s) I would have due to my age? I'd really rather have an MRI first and then a mammo if they say I really need one.


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