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12/11/2008 12:28 PM

Ok-It never ends for me(page 2)



Oh my wine is waiting for me when I get home from work...Jim always has my glass waiting and a nice warm bubble bath with lavender in it...Smile Its been a week let me tell you...Glad tomorrow is TGIF


12/11/2008 01:00 PM
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Oh jeepers! You are one spoiled lady!! But you deserve it! Smile

12/11/2008 01:26 PM

I sure and...Smile He is a wonderful man

12/11/2008 02:41 PM

In my Dreams a nice big glass of wine delivered Smile Lucky! and Jim is too! Smile

12/11/2008 02:48 PM
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awwww,i wish i had a bubble bath and i nice glass of wine to go along with it,,u lucky ladie,,,,

12/11/2008 02:56 PM
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Ah, Julie! You didn't tell me all this had gone on! Geez. You poor thing. You gotta get some rest. Stop shoveling a bit. Let Jim do a bit more for a little while, just to let your back rest. You gotta recover. What a great man, to have a nice hot lavendar bubble bath waiting for you, and then the wine. Wow!

Get some rest, and try to relax, woman!



12/11/2008 03:29 PM
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Julie, I'm going to find lavender and a bottle of wine. Do I have to stop at a glass? Just kidding. One glass would do me in.


12/11/2008 03:49 PM
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Way to go Julie!! What a guy you've got there, a keeper for sure.

Enjoy the bath, the wine and the hubby...


12/11/2008 04:05 PM

My wine I'm drinking as I type this and waiting for dinner...Meat Loaf my all time favorite..

Jim works a lot 17 hours per day and is off only two per week, so when he is home, yes I am spoiled..But then I do spoil him also ( just not as much)

Funny since I have had lyme, wine does not bother me (I don't drink it by the gallons) a glass every night with dinner...I count my self lucky...However I NEVER drank while on abx's big no no...Expect two glasses at my wedding last year...I was to sick to even want that...

Yes I thank god every day for what I have in my life, I never take it for granted...

Ok, off to dinner and bed with all my pillows around me (Playing safe)...My bruise is getting bigger and bigger, OUCH...

Have a wonderful night everyone


12/12/2008 02:06 AM


I'd skip the wine, you can't afford to mess with your balance!Wink


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