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12/07/2008 03:17 PM

41 Bands reactive only-- is this Lyme Disease?

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I was diagnosed with Lyme by my new primary care Dr. who I went to see as a new patient.

She had me tested for Lyme because:

1) I had a very large insect bite 1.5 years ago that was treated with antibiotics-- it was just huge--not the typical bulls-eye, though and I saw no tick.

2) 8 months ago I had a strange unexplained sore/cyst develop on my face that took 2 rounds of IV antibiotics followed by two different kinds of oral antibiotics to resolve.

3) I've had a chronic lower back ache for about a year.

The only reactive bands on my western blots were 41 kd IgG and 41 kd IgM.

I have no other symptoms, and, from what I'm reading, band 41 alone is not particularly determinate of Lyme. I'm not sure I have it, but my Dr. seems to be, so I started the 1 mo. course of doxycilin anyway.

Any thoughts?

Thank you!


12/07/2008 03:36 PM
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Well, if it is Lyme, one month of doxy won't be near enough seeing that your bite was over one year ago. However, kudos to your doctor for being more aware than most physicians. I think some LLMDs do diagnose with Lyme if just the 41 band is positive. So, perhaps a conference with your doctor about one month of antibiotics being insufficient is in order or a trip to an LLMD.

We can help you find an LLMD in your area.

12/07/2008 09:33 PM
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I wish I had your doc.LOL

12/08/2008 01:52 AM

Dear M29M29M

I'm impressed your primary care doc even thought about lyme. It sounds like he/she is being very careful. Band 41 alone isn't indicitive of lyme, most people do test positive for 41. In that case, docs diagnose clinically.

I'm certainly not a doctor so I couldn't really say if you have lyme but just some info. The bullseye rash actually isn't the most common type of lyme rash. Basically, the most common type just looks like any other rash. If somebody has a bullseye rash, however, it is an instant diagnosis of lyme.

I've not heard of large cysts on one's face having anything to do with lyme but who knows. I agree that 1 month isn't enough abx, even as a precaution. It should be more like 8 weeks.

Good luck

12/08/2008 08:44 AM
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Hey thats what i wanted 2 ask u guys my 15 year old cousin just came back pos 4 mono and band 41 was pos,I made my cousin test her because she has this gland that has been coming and going 4 months,and out of no were isnt doing so well in school,she comes home and naps for 3 hours and she cant think straight any more,,And her blood was done threw a local lab,Should we have her tested threw ignex??I never even came back with any bands on my local lab,but ignex had over 5 bands,,does band 41 mean anything??I thought it did,,I dont no,,lol

12/08/2008 09:09 AM
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Oh Jen hun - you know the magnitude of this disease - absolutely get it done if possible...

My youngest sister has been really struggling with school - they finally did an IQ test - they were suspecting she had a low IQ - and she blew everyone away - on one test she was average - the others she scored superior...

Now that she has been tested - and all paths are leading to Lyme - with a definate Bart test - we are hoping that her life will get much easier. She cant even follow simple instructions that require 5 steps to we are so hopeful...

take no chances and treat aggressively - either conventional or alt/natural...but be aggressive and consistant


12/08/2008 09:16 AM
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She also said that computer at school hurts her eyes and her hair is falling out 2,,I thank god we had her tested but her doc said that band 41 is nothing,,But i told my cousin 2 have her see my llmd and have her tested threw ignex,,i no my llmd has treated people with one band,,

12/08/2008 10:21 AM
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I also had band 41 test positive. Being a Biology teacher, I told my doctor that I knew what a flagella was and obviously had some type of parasite it my body with a flagella which would could be indicative of a protozoa or few bacteria. He agreed. So band 41 would mean that there was some type of infection but not necessarily lyme. (the only other bacteria with flagella that is spiral shape is syphillis)

12/08/2008 10:30 AM

Band 41 was my highest ++++

12/08/2008 10:51 PM
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Your dr is great! Even if its NOT lyme, the doxy wont hurt you.....people take it for acne

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