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03/26/2011 08:38 PM

Wow soo many Members-- old member


When i first joined there were 265 members now there are tons.

i put myself into dormancy or cured who knows but once in a while i check in to see whats going on

looks like Lyme is a pain for a lot of people and ruining a lot of lives.

I am saying i think i am lyme free but now have diabetes with no family history and weird joint stuff (not arthritis)

there are many members that i miss that have left because they voiced opinions that were justified.

I have a life..very normal with no antibiotics all natural..remember no antibiotic has ever cured a chronic lymie..

i can give advice but gheeze so many green sufferers..i miss my old friends on this site.

Ron Smile

broke up solid paragraph; emphasized things. bettyg, iowa leader

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03/26/2011 10:58 PM
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Nice to see you back, Im getting close to putting lyme in dormancy I have few symptoms anymore. I am on 3 different antibiotics and am doing naturals myself. Feeling lots better than I did 10 months ago Wink.

I cant seem to figure out how to hit the cyst forms and L forms of lyme I dont want to use flagyl. Im using Grapefruit Seed extract + Serrapeptase. Also doing houyttounia for bartonella combined with rifampin.

I know Samento can hit the cyst forms, but I can take large doses of this stuff and it gets expensive, but it does work!

03/26/2011 11:49 PM
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welcome back ron :|)

please stop back as often as you would like to; we'd be glad to have you and your experience.

diabetes2; me too; 6 mo.prior to mycorrect chronic lyme dx 7 yrs. ago.

did you put on extra weight causing it to come on? 1 med put 25 lbs. on me in 1 year.

glad you are feeling well otherwise.

i broke up your solid text for neuros like me to be able to read/comprehend.

bettyg, iowa leader

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03/27/2011 01:52 AM

Hey ron-

I admire that you've done this all naturally. Smile

I am a natural believer as well, and am very close to remission myself.

Keep on posting and help me educate the others on how well and effective naturals are and can be.

Welcome back!


03/27/2011 04:08 AM
shorelinelymePosts: 1252
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It's great to see you posting...I always learned a lot from your earlier posts about natural therapies- and had good success with them. I will be forever grateful to you for recommending biomats- this has been a wonderful adjunct therapy- especially thru our cold New England winter!

As far as conventional abx and lyme & co...There have been people who have gotten well on conventional abx as well- one on my Bart forum who is now off of abx and still doing well...

I think the addressing the inflammation that Lyme & co. has caused, correcting the immune disfunction- that allowed us to get sick to begin with, addressing the hyper-coagulated blood- which protects the bacteria from abx, detoxing the heavy metals & toxins...fixing the adrenals, thyroid etc..and correcting any mineral/vitamin deficiencies...

Everyone is yes, I agree that just taking abx won't likely do it...We all come into this with different issues that need to be addressed with the Lyme treatment to regain our health.

Just my opinion...and keep posting!


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