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12/02/2008 09:26 AM

Newly diagnosed with Lyme!

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Hello everyone,

I have some questions regarding Lyme Disease if anyone can answer.

I was recently diagnosed with Lyme disease. First symptoms was flu like illness, then came erythema migrans (about 8-10 of them on chest/back/arm/groin). I continued to have mild fevers off and on and mild night sweats for the next 2-3 weeks. In the third week of not feeling well my shoulder joint started to ache badly as well. I'd guess I was infected for about 3-4 weeks before I went to see my doctor judging when my symptoms started. Finally I went to my doctor. She said all were classic signs of Lyme. She prescribed 2 weeks of Doxy 100MG and sent me for blood work to confirm. The test came back positive and she said I would need to refill two more weeks after the first dose was gone. I felt better in the first couple days after starting the meds. Fevers gone in a day, rashes gone in 2 days and shoulder better in about 4-5 days. I am currently on my 22nd day of meds and the only thing that still seems lingering are the night sweats. In fact they may be worse now then at first. Seems some time in the end of my first week or beginng of second week of meds that I started to get tingly/hot feeling that would go slowly up and down my neck and also my sweats seemed a little more than before (went from usually just a light ring around my neck to on my back and chest now. My questions I not on enough meds? Is this another infection from the tick (I never had night sweats before). Is this a reaction from the bacteria as it gets killed off? This whole night sweats thing has me worried as it all point to serious diseases. I was so scared I went and had an HIV test done a couple weeks back that was negative. Has anyone insight on this?



12/02/2008 09:42 AM
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My personal opinion, and from years of reading and looking for answers...with initial infection, 3 months min of aggressive abx - doxy is not enough. Better to take a cocktail, as some strains of this disease can get in and hide really quick...I know my LLMD had treated my 1 sis, whose infection they caught quick, with 3 months of Rifampin - a strong abx...doc told mom that it was possible that that abx could completely cure her, BUT dont be surprised if it didnt, but she is able to maintain with minimal supplements.

Also, night sweats - could be a sign of a co-infection which can be just as hard to detect...Babeosis could be the culprit on that one....

Everyone is going to have a different opinion. The way I see it, why take the chance? I personally do not believe that it can be cured once you have symptoms. The bacteria works to hard and to fast to get in and set up shop throughout the entire body.

For example: If it happened to pass the blood-brain barrier, doxy is not going to get passed...thus you are not treating what is in your brain. Biaxin would be a better abx.

ALSO - the doc will probably test you again, and you will most likely come back negative. That doesnt MEAN SQUAT - the current tests are a crap shoot. Some tests have to be taken on the right day - meaning the bacteria happens to be there at the time of the test. the WB is only accurate if your body produces antibodies - my body doesnt produce them - thus I cannot get a positive test...And this too can change.

Be safe. Aggressively treat for at least 3 months. Get on the right supplements that will work against the disease, should it come back. Adjust your diet...Gluten free is a good diet for lymies...

Too many docs are willing to risk our lives - dont follow suit...

Good luck



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