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02/28/2011 10:44 PM

Anyone else have abdominal pain from lyme disease?

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Last summer, when I first became ill, my initial symptoms were right side abdominal pain, stiffness/tightness throughout my entire right side, nausea, fatigue and lightheadedness.

My initial symptoms have persisted until the present time.

My non-LLMD tells me that abdominal pain and nausea ARE NOT symptoms of Lyme disease or STARI.

Recently, my doctor gave me a month of doxycycline because he thinks I may have had STARI last summer.

Two weeks into taking the antibiotics, my abdominal pain has gotten much more severe, to the point I'm afraid of continuing to take the antibiotics and am wondering if perhaps something else is wrong.

My question is has anyone else had abdominal pain as one of their primary symptoms of Lyme disease or STARI?

Did this abdominal pain get worse while you were taking antibiotics? If so, did you keep taking the antibiotics and how long did it take for the pain to become more tolerable? Thanks.

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03/01/2011 03:23 AM
waxbyPosts: 4811
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~~~hello Southerner,Northeasterner here,

~~~I've had a hundred symptoms...strange,weird,alarming.So many for so long,twelve years now,I began to just laugh at new ones,like dark purple toes,extreme spinning-dizzy episodes,etc.


~~~It IS important to realize that each of our needs,and symptoms,are unique and require our careful and discerning,educated,well read,attention.

~~~This is one of the main issues with Lyme Dis-ease...

~~~If you do not see a Lyme Literate Dr(LLDr),and your tests APPEAR negative,(or positive) they may treat you for whatever symptoms that your symptomology SEEMS to fit.

~~~And in most cases,if you are or are not being treated for the actual culprit,Lyme Disease,the phantom treatments for mocking symptoms will do almost nothing or nothing at all or even cause more problems,and even damage,such as being treated for MS,which Lyme mocks, with steroids etc that will only intensify the Lyme invasion and wreak additional havoc inside of you and on your life.

~~~Some have even been prescribed surgery,by a non-LLDr for a Lyme mocking "phantom" problem and the surgery,in most cases,failed.

~~~Lyme dis-ease can mock 300 dis-eases and exhibit hundreds of symptoms!

~~~However it remains important to carefully rule out other possible problems.

~~~But,let a LLDr do this to save you many middle steps.

~~~If you are working with,WORKING WITH(as in not blindly following) a Dr,hopefully a LLDr,Lyme Literate Dr,OR only with yourself as your healer if you so choose for your own reasons,pay careful attention to your reactions to each potential remedy.

~~~If the reactions are too intense,and you are monitoring and comparing them to possible alergic response,and having carefully ruled out adverse alergic response,as many reactions are the "herx",

~~~try trimming down dosages to 1/2 or 1/4,even as much as 1/8 the dosage in some cases,to find your personal,more tollerable,not overly agressive,therapeutic dosage,and "ramp-up" slowly and carefully.


~~~There is a general consensus to get a superior diet in order.

~~~That is,no junk.Every one with any sense whatsoever knows what that is.This means no sugary sodas or even diet ones or any carbonated dead beverages.Pure junk! No processed sugar either.No empty calories!

~~~Only nutritiously dense foods in a wide variety of the rainbow such as fresh sprouts,purple and green cabbage and mixed greens salads,mixed berries,etc.

~~~Mostly if not all vegetarian.Mostly if not all raw-fresh unheated fruits and vegetables are raw.Little to no dairy.Cut out gluten if you happen to be gluten intolerant as many Lyme Patients are.

~~~Eat whole grains and brown and wild rice blends,quinoa,amaranth,buckwheat,etc.Raw nuts and seeds(so as not to destroy living enzymes and essential fatty acids) such as walnuts,almonds,pumpkin and sunflower seeds.Beans.

~~~Cooled down to warm(under 110 degrees) with some almond milk and a couple of ice cubes etc(so as not to destroy living enzymes in raw honey and raw choc if added.)You should be able to hold your finger in it and just feel the warmth,not hot. Green tea,red(rooibos)tea etc,almond milk,etc,raw honey,raw cocoa powder.Yum!

~~~You could vigorously stir into the warm mix a Tablespoonful or two of some organic chia seed and drink it through a straw,unless you want a chia pet mustache!You could also vigorously stir in some raw brown rice protein powder(from "NutriBiotic"Wink and brewers yeast(from "Lewis Labs"-no this is not the yeast that contributes to yeast-growth problems,and is very nutricious and a tasty brand.) And also some raw maca powder.I make a mixture in equal amounts of raw protein powder,raw maca powder,and brewers yeast and use a couple of tablespoons of this mixture.

~~~Plenty of water,some with fresh lemon.

~~~Go to a healthfood store and get a sprouting kit and make your own mixed sprouts at home in your kitchen.

~~~Try 2 Tablspoons brocolli,2T funugreek 10T(5oz) mung sprouting seeds in a half gallon sprouting jar.In three to five days,depending on the temperature,Winter or Summer,and poof,nutriciously dense food.

~~~They'll keep for a week in the fridge in airtight container.Leave uncovered overnight in fridge the first night to chill and breath out initial condensate and then cover and leave covered.Don't rinse on last day to keep on dry side to keep longer in fridge.Start a new batch some days before they run out to keep a constant supply for sandwiches,salads,etc.Add it to a big mixed greens salad.

~~~Omega 3 fatty acids and fiber rich seeds such as chia(whole or ground) and freshly ground flax-freshly ground flax as the omegas become unstable after some time after being ground, and flax is undigestable whole.Unheated so as not to destroy vital omega fatty acids and living enzymes.

~~~I use 2 tablespoonsful of whole organic flax seed and grind it fresh in a coffee grinder each time I use it.I stir this vigorously into 16 ounces,or more,of tepid water 30 minutes before some meals and before bed.I continue to drink more water in between meals away from food for better digestion and elimination.Drinking liquids with meals only dilutes your food not allowing it to digest more properly.

~~~Drinking this flax/water mixture gives it a jump ahead of meals in order to capture more bile and transport it out of the body, so it is not recycled back into your body,as is what happens to the bile, thus ushering the bile's excess cholesterol and toxic load out of the body.Your body will readily produce more fresh unpolluted bile.

~~~Flax(as well as chia) also contains essential omega 3s and 6s in a healthy proportion of 3 times more 3s than 6s.Most diets contain way too many 6s than 3s.Corn oil has 46 x more 6s than 3s,very bad.Olive oil has a ratio of 3-6s to 13-3s,very good.We tend to get way more 6s than 3s,not good. Your body will convert these essential fatty acids into necessary DHA and EPA.(See Wikepedia omega 3 fatty acid.)

~~~Organic every thing as much as possible.

~~~No harmful habbits such as smoking etc, or alcohol,which is very bad for many Lyme patients.

~~~Just as an example,out of hundreds of potential remedies,presently I'm doing MMS,for eleven months now,and in alternating days,frequencies,amounts, and combinations,

~~~teasel,samento,venus fly trap,banderol,

~~~smilax,japanese knotweed/resveratrol,andrographis,"Buhner's Herbs"

~~~Dandelion and parsley extracts,mangosteen extract,olive leaf extract,grapefruit seed extract,bromelain,systemic enzymes,nattokinase,Graviola,Sangre de Drago,Jatoba(these three are South American rainforest herbs)

~~~vits,mins,supps,baking soda,superior diet.And for about a year now 100mg a day or every 2nd,3rd,or 4th day,week,or month of minocycline.

~~~However,for now, I am only doing the MMS and at one to three drops one to three times a day,even skipping a day or more as I am very ill and for many years, and I think I am doing too much too soon for my level of infection.

~~~However,(however update) now I am doing mino,azithromycin,thyroid,HBOT(hyperbaric oxygen treatments),Myers Coctail IV (vits,mins,glutathione) twice a week,medical and pharmeceutical grade foods and supplements,prayer post thread...

~~~Your symptoms will change,come and go,se-saw,roller coaster,scare you,tickle you,nauseate you,turn you shapes,colors,and sizes,make you laugh,make you cry.Hold tight.This is some Amusement Park!

~~~This forum is your refuge.We "get" you. USE IT!

~~~And remember,"this is a marathon and not a sprint." Be the turtle,not the hare.Moving too quickly could be potentially harmful.

~~~Chronic,persistent Lyme Dis-ease can take a very long time to diminish towards remission.It must be approached carefully,systematically,persistently,patiently...

~~~And...Never give up!


```````The Blessed Curse Strikes Again```````

~~~Howdy doodle dooooo!

~~~So I'm at work sunday(to supervise,rare these days, as I cannot do the work any longer...yet)and I'm feeling fevery and stomach cramps.Yeah that's right,stomach cramps.A man with stomach cramps.Go ahead ladies,have a good laugh.I'm happy to do what ever it takes to be at your service.

~~~Early that day Lisa,my business partner, was "complaining" of dizzyness and yuckyness,buggy.

~~~So naturally I figured we have a bug.

~~~I go home at one and hop on the pooter at two,here at the junction and the next thing you know it's 10:00.So I skipped dinner as eating late disagrees with me.And I am EXTREMELY weak.Bed...

~~~When I awake I struggle very,very slowly to the bathroom to pee.Close.Back to bed.Slowwwwwly.

~~~When I have to go again I can almost not grab my pee bottle and almost had an accident.I'm almost paralyzed.I stay in bed with no choice.

~~~A while later I have to pee again,shortly,as I have learned not to wait until the last minute, but cannot move.It took me ten minutes to get the phone which I had placed strategically at a hand's fall and dial Lisa.

~~~"I'm in trouble,I need help."

~~~When she arrived I could not lift a finger.Literally.

~~~I asked her to call some friends to babysit me overnight until this all but paralysis lifted.They could not.Lisa could not.

~~~I'm more fevery and crampy now.OK ladies take a minute and laugh again.I'll wait...

~~~OK? So I said "Better call in the big guns." Mommy and Daddy.Can they spend the night? Sure.

~~~So when they arrived and saw the gravity of my situation,they FREAKED OUT. "Call 911 and get an ambulance."

~~~I,one stubborn Taurus the Bull,protested.Helpless as I was,I lost the battle and Lisa dialled 911.

~~~I said "wait!" and Lisa hung up the phone before they answered."It's just a bug on top of my already weakness,and when it clears I'll regain my normal feeble self."

~~~Knock knock at the door.Two police officers.Lisa,Mom and Dad explain the situation to them and then knock knock at the door.Two paramedics with a stretcher.

~~~Blink.Whoosh! I'm like real gone.Out the door,into the ambulance,into the emergency room.

~~~Team "House." Battery of tests.Racing heart.I feel perfectly calm.

~~~The MD says "Your heart rate is at a 120 beats per minute while you are at complete rest and I don't understand why."

~~~I asked "are you familiar with Lyme Disease?"

~~~"Oh yes.Up and down this north-eastern corrider is loaded with Lyme disease"

~~~"Tachycardia can be a symptom of Lyme disease"

~~~He exclaimed "No it isn't!"

~~~I'm thinking what you are. "Here we go again.Know it all non-Lyme Literate MD".

~~~"And the other thing with your stomach cramps may possibly indicate appendicitis but we can't know without a CAT scan".

~~~So I'm thinking "Cat scan.More radiation.The Controversy oversetting of power and risking patient's harm.I've had dozens upon dozens of dozens of nagative tests.A hundred symptoms,many strange, odd,weird.Every time I get new symptom,I now can all but ignore it.These fit into that category."

~~~So I said "No,I'd rather not"

~~~"Well if you don't have the CAT scan I'll have to send you home."

~~~BANG!!! The big guns."Mitchell,you have to do this.You can't go home like this."

~~~"Mom Mom,let daddy make his own decision.He has his own reasons not to do this" says my 23 year old daughter who came into see her daddy when the little birdy got loose and told her.

~~~"Malka,you stay out of this!" in chimed Zori,her 21 year old sister who came with her.

~~~On and on this went until finally I said "I need some quiet time to non-think about this."

~~~Amazingly the room grew silent for about ten minutes. "OK.I'll do it.But I'll bet you a thousand it'll be negative."

~~~"OK,sign this and let's go."

~~~Drink this big bottle of barium and wait an hour and a half and off to the CAT.

~~~Ride to CAT room.(elevator musak). Drink somemore barium.Shoot this into your vain and off I go into the tube. Lights,camara,action. Click,shift,click,shift.

~~~Then,(elevator musak)off to a new room.

~~~Wait.Meditate.Wait some more.Thinking.Waiting.Ho Hum.Where is the negative result?

~~~"Mr, Mitchell.You have a perferated apendix.Your going to need surgery as soon as possible."

~~~"You have got to be kidding me!"

~~~Aparently not.I blinked again and I'm in the surgery ward being prepped.

~~~Another blink and I'm under a mask and the next thing I know the anesthetist is "C'mon Mitchell.Wake uuup."

~~~I was still semi parallyzed for a day and a half.A Dr earlier who was trying to diagnose me said to not use the word paralyzed as I could budge a finger a fraction of an inch and had feeling.Well excuuuuuuuuse meeeeeee.

~~~Finally able to stand and take a few steps,they wheeled me up to the physical therapy ward.I took along my urinal as I am having trouble with that since the surgery(I still can't believe it).

~~~While stretching me on a large mat/bed I said "Quickly hand me my urinal."

~~~A therapist said "we'll take you quickly to the rest room.There are people everywhere." in wheel chairs,walkers,canes,machines,oxygen tanks,tubes,wires,younger,older.

~~~"I won't make it.I need my urinal now!Please!" I started peeing just before they rolled in the curtain.I mean,when you gotta go,you gotta go!

~~~I showed them how I got around and negotiated the stairs.They sat me down with some other patients to fill in my paperwork.

~~~Then all of a sudden outta nowhere I began to laugh uncontrollably.I tried to stop.Nope.Everyone in the very big room/gymnasium big, probably thought "Oh boy, here's the group kook." You know the one walkin down the city flailing and talkin to no one.


~~~That's me,and Sam says "You got the laughies eh?"

~~~"You know what I'm laughing at Sam? Life.It's either laugh or cry.I've done my share of crying,now I can't stop) laughing!"

~~~"Yeah Mitchell,there are people who come in here and do the same.We call them the laughers."

~~~I tried to contain my self after laughing my way out of the session on my ride back to the mental,I mean,surgery ward.

~~~A longer story shorter really.I won't bore you with all the other lovely details.

~~~But I will say this,with a healthy dash-o-guilt(there are those worse off than me!).Here I am typing this with a finger and a thumb,struggling my way around my house a happy idiot!

~~~And a final thought.

~~~If not for this "Blessed Curse" Lyme Disease and this final symptom challenge extreme debilitating weakness,I would not even have called anyone for help as I would have stuck with my self diagnosis as a simple virus that'll pass.

~~~I would have just stayed in bed until my appendix abcessed and ruptured thus being in deeper doodle.

~~~Life surely is funny!Init?

```````~~~In my straight jacket~~out on a limb~~~lookin like a cocoon~~~hangin by a thread~~~waitin for a butterfly~~~under the moon~~~with oodles of love to all you lyme patients~~~your group kook and friend~~~laughing at life,Mitchell~~~

03/01/2011 03:58 AM

Mitchell, I bow down to you and love and worship the blessed space you float on...

You are so amazing and wonderous...

Keep strong and keep laughing you beautifully strong being..

You are an inspiration to us all and your wisdom is valued beyond words...

Be well dear one, and thank you for sharing your story.

I printed it out to keep close to my heart.

peace and loveSmile

03/01/2011 04:29 AM
Posts: 564

I took doxy for a short time and wound up in the ER

My prescription was changed. I also had my gall bladder out before I even knew I had lyme disease.

Be your own advocate. Get the answers! Change doctors if you have to. Good luck

03/01/2011 06:41 AM
shorelinelymePosts: 1252
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Abdominal pain is a very COMMON symptom of Lyme disease. Dr. Jones (pediatric LLMD) has said that it's often the first symptom for children.

I have read that acid-blockers (nexium, pepcid etc..) help immensely with this. They work to make the stomach alkaline and may kill lyme in the stomach. Yeast also has a difficult time growing in an alkaline area- so it helps with this, too.

I would discuss this with your LLMD- it may be worth trying if this is an uncomfortable symptom for you.



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03/01/2011 07:05 AM
Posts: 144

Southerner1, abdominal and pelvic pain were my most debilitating symptom for sure. It would happen almost daily for a while and it would be to the point were it hurt so bad I couldn't stand up all the way, it hurt to lay down...I didn't know what to do!

Amazingly, after I started treatment with my LLMD and was put on antibiotics it slowly got better and now I haven't had one in about 5 months!! Just be patient and be

persistent with treatment and treating your body well and I'm sure you will begin to

feel better sooner than later!

03/01/2011 09:48 AM
Posts: 752

I agree with Jackie. My first problems were abdomianl about 3 1/2 yrs ago. Gastro specialist did tons of tests and biopsies... my tummy was raw on the inside. Everything came back neg. so I got a diagnosis of extreme gastritis. Now I know it was the Lyme eating the inside of my stomach... gross!

Both of my daughters have sometimes severe and very frequent stomach aches. We rushed my son to the er 2 yrs ago for what we thought was appendicitis. It wasnt.. just "IBS"

Stomach pain, bloating, all of it can be caused by Lymes. A LLMD would agree! Good luck and I hope you feel better.

Oh, and it is not uncommon to feel worse before you feel better. But I do not think one month is enough treatment!

03/01/2011 11:09 AM
Posts: 100

Abdominal pain has been one of my main Lyme symptoms.

It has gotten better with antibiotics. Not completely gone, but much better.

It IS a Lyme symptom. Your doctor couldn't be more wrong.

03/01/2011 11:28 AM

Okay, now that I've given Mitchell love, I will answer the original question...

First off, welcome to our family Southerner!

I've had stomach issues since my first day of school, meaning the 1st grade...

Over the years, every time I was ill, every time I was nervous, every time I was mad, upset, whatever, my stomach hurt.

After years of thinking it was just a nervous belly, I was engaged to a gastroneurologist who told me I had an ulcer.

He treated it with antibiotics one time and it seemed to resolve..a year later it came back full swing when I broke off the engagement and moved to California to get away from him..he said at that time it was a bleeding ulcer, but I never treated it.

It resolved itself on its own.

It took about five-6 years for it to return, and I spent a year and a half doubled over at work trying to do massage on people not knowing if I was going to vomit or make a mess in my pants..sorry people!Tongue

Once I actually dry heaved at a client's house, very embarassing.

I went through the tests and it was my gallbladder at that point..had it removed.

Then I was cursed with diahhrea for three whole years and time after time was told it was IBS..

I was tested for celiac, h pylori, had an upper endoscopy, a colonoscopy..

I, unlike our wonderous Mitchell, was clean as a my utter disappointment and frustration.

It took my llmd to test and diagnose me with late stage chronic lyme, Bartonella, Babesia, systemic yeast, and heavy metal toxicity/poisoning.

It is our combined conclusion that the abdominal pain for ME was from the lyme and the bartonella, but also the yeast..

Bartonella is the cause of many intestinal problems, but when you have systemic yeast in your intestines as I did, the bart feeds off of it causing even more problems..

The fact that you took antibiotics and then it got worse may be two things..either you have yeast and it's multiplying, causing more pain, or it went after the bart/lyme and stirred them up a bit..

That's my take on it..


03/01/2011 06:18 PM
Posts: 428

I would highly recommend taking probiotics(I take culterelle).that has given my stomach a lot of relief

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