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02/27/2011 11:17 AM

New symptom is disturbing

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well I have a new symptom that I have had about once a week for the past 2months an it happens first thing in the morning. My hands shake and tremble like crazy

. One Day I dropped the sugar bowl and it broke. Other mornings I have spilled my coffee. It lasts about an hour and then let's up. I don't get scared because it let's up but it drives me crazy

Anyone else have this??


02/27/2011 12:25 PM
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Not exactly, but I would have to say symptoms tend to be worse for me first thing in the AM. I hope it gets better!

02/27/2011 01:48 PM
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Since I've had Lyme I've been having more problems with my blood sugar going low. I feel shaky when it's low, and it helps when I eat something.

02/27/2011 02:00 PM
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I get tremors in my hands after I do something physical.

Like the first time I noticed it was after I washed the kitchen floor, months ago.

The worst time was when I stayed up all night and my entire body tremored for over a half an hour.

That was from pushing myself too hard, though.

02/27/2011 02:55 PM
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I have never had tremors but it is very common in lyme disease....I have over 1,000 friends on facebook with lyme disease and at least half of them suffer from tremors.


02/27/2011 03:39 PM
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i don't; my husband is non-stop rolling hand tremors now from ADVANCED PARKINSON'S disease.

his igenex westernblot nos. were positive, but my beginner llmd didn't know how to read nos. and said he was negative; didn't have lyme; he won't treat for it.

read these 2 detailed articles by llmd; she explains things well. forums/studies-research/2444918-dr-corsons-evalmgmt-kids- tickborne-diseases forums/studies-research/2013437-where-is-the-headache- located-by-dr-ann-corson

best wishes.

02/27/2011 03:46 PM
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I get temors too- but mine are the full body ones. For me, I think it is a reaction to die off from the rocephin I am taking. I never had that problem until I started taking rocephin. It does scare me sometimes when it happens. Idk, it could be medicine, or just the lyme acting up. Hope it gets better for you!

02/27/2011 04:13 PM
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i had really really bad tremors. my entire body or sometimes my left hand and then sometimes my right hand. i really think it is just from the lyme.

i say this because i was not on any antibiotics at the time. the tremors continued then when i got on doxy. since i have been off doxy, no tremors.

the tremors are kinda like my gauge for when the lyme is making an appearance.

02/27/2011 05:34 PM

Hey guys-

Happymom, it sounds like you're infection(s) is in your CNS causing neuropathies..

Over the last few years, I've been dropping things, can't open things, spill things, you name it.

Underlying tremors can cause it, which I have, but the actual attack on our nervous systems, at least for me, seem to be what is causing most of the dysfuntion in everyday tasks.

I feel once we can get our infection loads down, the stability will return..

Don't be hard on's pretty common, and we're all in this together!


02/27/2011 06:37 PM
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I can relate to the low blood sugar issue, and it does cause tremors. But Hope, you mentioned something that I have noticed too, and that is tremors coming after doing something physical.

This occasionally happens to me. Last winter it happened after I had gone outside and used a blower to finish getting the leaves up in my yard. My right arm became unusually and incredibly weak after that, and was tremoring.

Couldnt lift it over my head. Really startled me. And this has happened before, where my arms get real weak, and I cant lift them very long.

Dont know what that was from. Lyme I guess.

Happymom, glad it isnt happening to you all the time!


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