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02/26/2011 05:25 AM

Bad Night - Has this happened to anyone?

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It was, without a doubt, the worst night I have had - even worse than the kideny stones.

So when I got home, I ate dinner. I had a small frozen pizza since I had decided to return to full gluten free on Saturday with the starting of a second anitbiotic. I also took my probiotic (which I have forgotten to take the last coupel days).

Within an hour, I began to feel a little sick. I was home alone all evening, which added to my stress.

Around 8pm, I wnet upstiars to the master bedroom/bathroom with my small garbage can in hand. I began throwing up badly. This went on for about 15 minutes.

Then I climbed in bed and started to fall asleep. Then all of a suddne, I felt like the world dropped out. It was not veritgo. It was in my chest, I think..

So I went to the bathroom and began to throw up again. Then I was suddenly hit with the need to lie down. I felt like I was falling. About that time, I was hit with diarrhea, so I pulled myself onto the toilet (sorry - TMI, I know).

The next thing I know, everything is dark and I have this bad pain in my hip/leg that I can't seem to stop. Turns out - the room is dark because my eyse are closed and my hip hurts because I am on the floor, laying on top of the small trash can.

I had lost consciousness/passed out and was laying on the floor. I have a few nice bruises from it all. Panic begins to set in now. I am covered in sweat when I come to. Shaking. Freezing. My hands, feet, joints are screaming in pain.

I crawl out and lay on the floor for about 30 minutes before I have the strength and clear head to wlak to the bed. I lay down for a while and sleep.

It happens again, So I head into the bbathroom. Again, there is the strong need to lie down. Again I am sweating all over (drenched), shaking, freezing.

I wasn't sure what was happening. I wasn't sure if I should call an abulance (as my girlfriend was at a party and not picking up her phone). I was actually scared - since I didn't know what was happening.

My dog spent the evening laying on the floor next to me. He has not left my side since it started. funny.

This morning, my stomach feels woozy. I have a headache. I'm sore. My heart is still racing. I am drinking water ni small amoutns, trying to keep it down.


02/26/2011 08:27 AM

Hey there-

Sorry you had such a horrific night. Goodness, what a nightmare indeed.Shocked

The only thing that comes to mind to me is maybe the combination of the cheese from the pizza and the antibiotic don't work well together...

Which anitbiotic are you taking?

Something was definitely wrong, and maybe next time you should find an ER..

Dogs are always are best friends, no matter what goes on, I'm glad he was there for you.Smile

What is his name? Good boy!Wink

Maybe you need to call your llmd and see what they think..

In the meantime, try and rest from what happened, keep hydrated, and eat in small portions frequently to get some nutrition back in you.

Be well, and welcome to our family.


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02/26/2011 10:37 AM
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So sorry to hear you had such a rough night. How frightening that must have been!

I agree you should call your LLMD or someone to see what is happening.

Try not to get dehydrated and please keep us posted!

You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

02/26/2011 09:55 PM
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something happens like this and your heart is going wild too, CALL 911 unless you have a neighbor who can drive you there.

when you're that sick; get it checked out please. if you DON'T HAVE INSURANCE, what creates another problem, but have some back up people you can call...MORE THAN 1 PERSON ok.

praying you get thru this and find out what took place.

this got buried so i didn't see it sooner...sorry.

hugs to you..bettyg, iowa leader

02/26/2011 11:27 PM
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Sad Oh Cb, my heart goes out to you! I can completely relate!

I had a night almost to the "t" of what you describe, only I was alone in a hotel in Albuquerque when it happened.

So much of what you describe is what I went through, and I almost called an ambulance.You know what it was for me? Food poisoning. I had eaten something from a potluck earlier that day.

And I am convinced it created havoc with the Lyme/Bart stuff on top of everything.

Honestly, it sounds like this may have been your issue too. At least in part.

My heart was racing bad. People can die from food poisoning. Like you, it had to have been the worse night of my life!!

If it happens again, please call 911 !, I know I will!!

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