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02/23/2011 02:42 PM

Babesia in my thyroid


Hey everyone-

Well, I figured it out.Wink

I had upped my A-BAB to 5 drops recently..

For the past few days I have been feeling like there was a baseball in my throat.

By evening last night my chest was on fire.. along with it, my heart was having palpitations..

At first I thought I was having a thyroid storm, which still may be true.

It was only until after my morning and afternoon dose that I finally pieced the two together.Dizzy

At least I have an answer for myself and will have something to give my llmd at my appointment next week.

I know for me, half the frustration is not knowing what is causing what, as it is with most of you.

If we are in tune with our own bodies, it will help us to figure things out much faster, so that we don't do serious damage when things aren't working properly.

That, and knowing it's a positive thing when we make the discoveries, will get us further along our path to wellness.

I am grateful to my body for giving me all the information I need.

peace everyone Smile


02/23/2011 02:53 PM
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i agree! listen to your body!

02/23/2011 03:39 PM
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good for you, but don't mess around with the heart stuff either since lyme attacks our hearts bad! hugs


02/23/2011 04:14 PM

Thank you Betty.Smile

Actually, thanks to my dear friend Wlk, I've now been made aware that I also have bart in my heart as well.

That's what caused my mitral valve prolapse..

So the combination of the two is not the best..

I just finally have my answers! Wink

Hey Betty, I've always peeked at my Christmas presents, I can't stand to not know something!

I used to drive my parents crazy asking them WHY to everything..

And they drove me crazy giving me the answer, "Because we said so".

I thrive on getting answers to my questions.

It's helped to calm down the palpatations considerably!Tongue

Thank you Betty!



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